Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

WATCH: Why is President Marcos in Australia again? 

WATCH: Why is President Marcos in Australia again? 
The Philippine President joins other ASEAN leaders in Melbourne for a special summit hosted by Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia – For the second time in a week, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is in Australia, this time to participate in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-Australia Special Summit in Melbourne, from March 4 to 6.

Just a few days ago, Marcos was in the Australian capital of Canberra for a joint address before Australia’s Parliament.

While these events are separate, there’s a through line that connects that address in Canberra and the summit in Melbourne: Australia’s push to scale up ties with its Southeast Asian neighbors, amid what Marcos himself has said are “actions that undermine regional peace, erode regional stability, and threaten regional success.”

Rappler reporter Bea Cupin reports live from Melbourne to give a lay of the land – why is this summit taking place and how should we understand Australia’s bid to improve ties with the bloc? – Rappler.com

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