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‘Confession’: Secrets we can’t confide

Armando dela Cruz
‘Confession’: Secrets we can’t confide
Act One presents Paolo Bitanga's 'Confession,' a funny and bittersweet encounter between a young deacon and a disillusioned bride

MANILA, Philippines – Confessions feel awfully transactional. Seeking absolution for lying? Read the Three Hail Marys novena x-times. Feeling bad for stealing cash from the register? Say x-amount of Our Fathers.

In Paolo Bitanga’s Confession, Kimberly, a young bride-to-be – despite achieving success and confirming that her fiancee hasn’t cheated on her – wants something else.

As to what this is, the short film only offers stolen glances from the deacon, Jian. While many secrets have been uncovered in confessionals, there are some we simply can’t confide, for the mere fact that we can’t hide them. So, learn to reconcile we must. And by the end of this dryly humorous short, we hope the characters do the same.

Starring Sid Lucero and Annicka Dolonius, Confession is an excerpt from Simbang Gabi, Bitanga’s feature-length project currently in development. The filmmaker’s other films have been screened at international film festivals such as Doc NYC, the Asian American International Film Festival, and the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, where his short documentary, Night & Day, won Special Jury Prize.

Aside from Simbang Gabi, Bitanga is also currently working on another screenplay developed at the Ricky Lee Film Scriptwriting Workshop.

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