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[Free to Disagree] Arrest Quiboloy!

Sylvia Estrada Claudio

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[Free to Disagree] Arrest Quiboloy!
I am less afraid of Quiboloy’s superpowers than I am of the abuse of decency by the Senate’s gang of four. Afraid for the Senate, afraid for our women, afraid for our country.

My fitness coach and I discuss politics even if we have disagreements. We did not vote for the same politicians over several elections. He also describes himself as conservative while I like to think I am progressive.

One thing we agree on is that political differences should not be a reason to avoid discussions. The trick is, we try to figure out what we can agree on.

In my most recent training session, we agreed that Apollo Quiboloy should be arrested and brought to trial for the crimes of which he is accused. These crimes have been highlighted by the Senate committee investigation led by Senator Risa Hontiveros. Sexual abuse, child abuse, human trafficking, labor exploitation have been testified to by eight witnesses who are credible.

Senator Hontiveros’ investigation is by no means the only process that has brought about credible evidence of heinous crimes committed by the “appointed son of God”. The Department of Justice has ordered the filing of charges  for child abuse and qualified human trafficking. If convicted, the man who says he decides whether I will roll past the pearly gates, will himself enter the gates of Bilibid. 

Similarly, a US court has unsealed a warrant of arrest for Quiboloy, making him desired not only in heaven but also in court in the US. Truly a most wanted man.

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[EDITORIAL] Kalaban mo ang mga senador na protektor ni Quiboloy

[EDITORIAL] Kalaban mo ang mga senador na protektor ni Quiboloy
Our man Robin-NOT

The other thing my fitness coach and I agree on is that Senator Robin Padilla has defiled himself before the temple of Apollo in a farce that would have Aristophanes turning in his grave. (Look it up Robin. Or have your staff google it for you.)

“Respectfully” objecting to Senator Hontiveros’ move to cite Quiboloy in contempt without giving a reason is a bit like saying “gonna comb my mustache in a public hearing in the Senate with all due respect”. Some things are just inexplicable. Not miraculous, inexplicable.

Later, St. Robin the obtunded, gave his reason for objecting by saying he felt that the self-proclaimed “owner of the universe” is a victim.

In any case, the move to dishonor the Senate and sacrifice its powers to cite in contempt and then arrest those who defy the legitimate use of its authority, shows us that Robin is willing to sacrifice the integrity of the institution he is supposed to serve for the benefit of a new religious movement and its leader. Sounds cultish, oh, sorry, saintly to me. 

Also Padilla doesn’t seem to have read the Constitution. He explains further that his objection is based on the Constitutional provision on the separation between church and state. I guess he interprets this to mean that any son of a man can call himself “messiah” and no longer be subject to our criminal laws.

He has seemingly sworn an oath of friendship to Quiboloy that he considers higher than the oath he swore to the Republic when he became a member of the Senate.

Gang of Four

Guilty of similar “saintly” behavior are Senators Cynthia Villar, Imee Marcos and Bong Go who have also opposed the move to cite Quibble boy in contempt.

Senator Cynthia Villar says that she opposes the move because she is friends with the pastor and he has been good to her family. This reminds me of the observation of some that the Villar style of governance starts with the first principle, “what is good for my family is good for the nation.”

If I were to choose a Marcos for canonization, I would choose Imee. She says amusing things, went to extremes to get a UP degree and once even hinted she understood the concept of an apology for her father’s misdeeds. But it is good that UP did not give her a law degree. Her reason for coming to the aid of the “self-appointed savior” like a latter-day Veronica, is that she is unsure that the Senate was investigating in aid of legislation. So let me summarize and interpret for her, the opinion of Jaye Bekema, who does have a law degree.

First, we need laws that define consent and sexual abuse in the context of religious settings where patriarchal norms, the surrender of will and unquestioning allegiance to the leader (a common sign of cults) is the norm. Second, we need to improve laws to protect workers rights because working in a volunteer labor arrangement still means that one should be fully protected from abuse. Lastly we need to look at the guarantee of religious freedom as this relates to anti-trafficking laws (Robin, hello! Finished with the mustache yet?).

But alas, in this instance, Senators Villar and Marcos prove yet again that being a woman and occasionally spouting pro-woman words don’t necessarily make you a woman’s advocate. Did these two not bother to hear the heart-rending testimonies of child abuse and sexual abuse? Do they not yet understand the decades-old call not to invalidate women when they speak of abuse? And before these two or their defenders say that there have been false accusations in past, may I remind them of the nature of the evidence presented?

Please do not gaslight us by saying that your unprincipled partisanship is actually impartiality.

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PRIMER: Investigations, cases against Apollo Quiboloy

PRIMER: Investigations, cases against Apollo Quiboloy

As for Senator Go, he doesn’t seem to have a reason. Or at least I could not find a news report for his reasons. He has nothing to say. As it has been in the past, so it is now, so it will be forever and ever – he has nothing to say. He seems not to question the way. His is to obey.

The only question I ask is, “who is he obeying exactly?” My fitness coach and I ask also, why do they obey? What is their agenda? Are helicopter rides and free air time enough of a reason to behave as if one is a citizen of the Kingdom? Please say that a senator’s vote cannot have become so cheap. But then again, what am I saying? That there is a price? A higher price for joining the Kingdom of Jesus Christ? Heaven forbid!

Smite me

I suppose I have booked myself an appointment with the “appointed” for my lack of faith in his cosmic power and heavenly righteousness. Let me raise the stakes.

So what happens next? I assume he cannot come in person to smite me because there is scuttlebutt that the transcendent and omnipotent  has gone into hiding. Likely,  I will be hit by a lightning bolt when I step outside. I will put in my will, instructions for my sons whom I have anointed (with baby oil when they were little) but not appointed, to inform Rappler of my demise.

But I am actually less afraid of Quiboloy’s superpowers than I am of the abuse of decency by the Senate’s gang of four. Afraid for the Senate, afraid for our women, afraid for our country. – Rappler.com

Sylvia Estrada Claudio is a medical doctor who also holds a PhD in psychology. She is Professor Emerita of the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

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  1. ET

    Thanks to Dr. Sylvia Estrada Claudio for her inspiring and enlightening ideas. As long as she is not in Davao City, only a lightning bolt, not a bullet from a gun, may strike her. If Quiboloy will succeed in overpowering our Senate through the help of his minions there, then we have to be afraid. Just as Dr. Claudio concluded her article: “Afraid for the Senate, afraid for our women, afraid for our country.”

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