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Freedom from the Feed

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Freedom from the Feed
On Independence Day, we urge you to break free from the grip of social media. Connect with communities and journalists, and engage in empowering conversations that help build the nation our heroes fought for.

In the age of AI and disinformation, relying solely on social media for news and facts is dangerous. Have you noticed how Facebook is deprioritizing news posts? When you search on Google, AI-generated summaries are now the top results, pushing down news articles and making it hard for news outlets to reach you. This will especially be the case when Google rolls out AI Overviews in the Philippines.

You end up consuming both information and disinformation without discerning between the two, all while missing out on real human connections.

Meanwhile, big tech companies get away with profiting from your data while bringing you low-quality content.

How do we respond? Building an independent news distribution channel – Rappler Communities.

It’s an app that helps each of us find conversations about pressing problems, and what we can do about them. It gives you direct access to news and a safe space to advocate for your causes, independent of the algorithms targeting you. It offers an opt-out from social media and search engines.

Rappler journalists, civil society groups, thought leaders, and changemakers are dedicated to breaking the echo chambers formed on social media, which hinder healthy conversations among people of different beliefs. 

This Independence Day, liberate yourself from the influence of social media. Engage in discussions centered on facts, and make genuine relationships beyond social media’s boundaries. Know more about Rappler Communities.

Read Rappler chief executive officer Maria Ressa’s article about the future of news.

Here’s how you can download Rappler Communities:


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