BrandRap Talks: Infinit Care on reinventing the office to ease return-to-office anxiety

Giselle S. Barrientos
BrandRap Talks: Infinit Care on reinventing the office to ease return-to-office anxiety

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Since April of this year, waves of Philippines-based BPO companies have begun implementing return-to-office (RTO), with other industries taking the cue as well. Following years of ever-shifting work setups to accommodate social distancing, the Filipino workforce is faced with yet another jarring lifestyle transition. 

In terms of uplifting employee wellness, the challenge falls on companies to assure their employees that they will clock into a safe and secure physical office. Already, the adaptation of the workforce to hybrid work setups have resulted in the “Great Resignation,” as workers leave their jobs to pursue online opportunities.

With “abrupt changes in work scheme” and “uncertainty of the pandemic” being some of the contributing factors to a 73% rise in voluntary attrition rate in 2021 versus 2022 per a local HR solutions company’s study, how can companies make the move to RTO enticing for employees?

In this BrandRap Talks session, Rappler+ program lead Happy Feraren talks with Anne Ordoña of mental healthcare company, Infinit Care. Together, they discuss emerging health zeitgeists for workplace management, the importance of providing health services that address employee anxiety, and how to reimagine the office space as a safe and conducive haven for work.

Anne Ordoña is the general manager of Infinit Care, with close to 20 years of experience in driving growth for startup tech companies. With Infinit Care, she aims to integrate the best technology into mental healthcare services in the Philippines to deliver tailor-fit, 24/7 mental health support for workers. – Rappler.com

Watch the interview here:

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