Simple road and home safety habits you can start today

Simple road and home safety habits you can start today
For World Safety Day, AboitizPower shares their tips to keep you secure from road or fire hazards

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One of the ways to ensure equitable and sustainable development in the Philippines is to improve everyone’s health and safety. This piece explores the country’s top health and safety concerns, and tips to address them.

Road safety is a significant concern, with an estimated 12,000 Filipinos dying from road-related incidents yearly.1 Drivers should follow traffic rules, wear seatbelts (with all passengers), avoid using mobile devices, and stay within the speed limit. Motorcycle riders should wear helmets.

Fires also affect many Filipinos, with faulty electrical wiring and appliances being a leading cause.2 Regular electrical inspections and replacing damaged appliances are essential. Structures should install fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, and people should know how to use them.

Lifestyle diseases are a pressing matter. The Department of Health identifies heart, vascular system, and cancer diseases as leading causes of mortality. Adopt a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity, balanced diet, no smoking, and less alcohol. Regular check-ups can help detect and prevent diseases.

AboitizPower prioritizes the health and safety of its employees, contractors, and stakeholders. It strives to integrate safety into its operations. The company celebrates World Safety Day and believes safety is a priority and a core value that drives its business toward sustainable, profitable growth. At AboitizPower, safety is visible, felt, and lived.

Learn about AboitizPower’s safety and health initiatives here. – Rappler.com

1 https://www.roadsafetyfacility.org/country/philippines

2 Bureau of Fire Protection

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