At COP26, BLACKPINK urges world leaders to ‘take climate action in your area’

'We can still save our planet. We can still save our future,' the group says

BLACKPINK urged people to come together and take action against climate change, in a video message at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday, November 2.

The video was mostly addressed to world leaders, some 120 of whom are gathered at the summit to discuss actions to address climate problems.

In the video, Rosé described climate change as “the most important issue of our time.”

“We have learned that we must act now, urgently, to prevent much, much worse,” Jennie said.

“As you, the world’s leaders, gather to focus on our climate crisis, we hope you will make the decisions necessary to protect our planet now and forever,” Jisoo added, in Korean.

The group underscored the importance of limiting global warming, with Lisa describing how just a 2-degree rise in the world’s temperature could impact one third of the global population, “leading to drought, health problems, and death.”

They also described how global warming could impact wildlife. 

“We do not want to get there. The important thing is that we all take responsibility because it just won’t be achieved without collective action,” Jisoo said.

“If we all act now, if we all step up with real ambition, if you world leaders siezed this vital moment at COP26, we can still realize what was promised in Paris 2015. We can still save our planet. We can still save our future,” the group said, reminding leaders that they, along with their fans and the rest of the world will be watching.

“Let’s work together for our planet and take climate action in your area,” they said. 

BLACKPINK, one of the biggest K-pop acts in the world, was named ambassador for COP26 in February. –