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[DOCUMENTARY] Our 15 kilometers: Small fishers fear losing municipal waters to big operators
[DOCUMENTARY] Our 15 kilometers: Small fishers fear losing municipal waters to big operators
Small fisherfolk enjoy exclusive access to 15-kilometer municipal waters, but proposals to amend the Philippine Fisheries Code are causing them to worry over their livelihood. Watch the documentary here.

MANILA, Philippines – As vast as the Philippine archipelago is, 15 kilometers from each coast may not seem like much. But for small fishermen, it is a shot at a fair chance in a fisheries sector dominated by large operators.

The Philippine Fisheries Code provides municipal fisherfolk exclusive access to their 15-kilometer municipal waters. In some coastal towns in Northern Samar, local governments are strict in keeping commercial fishing vessels, or vessels weighing three tons and above, out of their municipal waters.

But even with strict enforcement, local fisherfolk already deal with a number of challenges, such as dwindling fish stocks and the effects of climate change. Their worries are compounded by proposed amendments to the Fisheries Code, which might see big operators in municipal waters.

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