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Inside the Industry x Kumu: Launching to space with OrbitX’s Dexter Baño
Inside the Industry x Kumu: Launching to space with OrbitX’s Dexter Baño
On December 9, aerospace entrepreneur Dexter Baño shares his vision of space exploration via renewable energy

What do aeronautics, clean energy, and blockchain have to do with one another? We have no idea, but these three innovations constitute the grand vision of OrbitX’s aptly-named CEO, Dexter Baño.

Founded in 2019, his commercial space travel startup Orbital Exploration Technologies, or OrbitX, has been developing a renewable rocket to launch into space. Not only that, but the rocket named the Haribon SLS-1 will also be carrying the first jeepney to travel outer space.

Although the Haribon SLS-1 is OrbitX’s flagship project, this innovative team of mostly Gen Z whiz kids is building a whole ecosystem of projects from biofuels to NFTs — physical to digital, universe to metaverse. In this episode, OrbitX CEO Dexter Baño shares his vision for Filipino space exploration.

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