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Antoinette Jadaone’s breakup playlist: Karaoke songs for a broken heart

Vernise Tantuco
Antoinette Jadaone’s breakup playlist: Karaoke songs for a broken heart
The writer-director suggests sing-along to songs to soothe the pain

MANILA, Philippines – We’ve all been heartbroken at some point, and after That Thing Called Tadhana and The Breakup Playlist, we all know that writer-director Antoinette Jadaone knows a thing or two about it as well. (READ: Kris Aquino to star in movie with ex Herbert Bautista)

The hugot director took a break from working on her TV series, On the Wings of Love, and gave us some advice on how to recover from a broken heart in September. (READ: 6 life lessons from ‘hugot’ director Antoinette Jadaone)

“First ay magvideoke,” said Tonet. “Kahit na di ka marunong kumanta, kahit flat ka or sharp, or wala sa tono, ‘yun – ‘pag kinakanta mo yung heartache mo, feeling mo may karamay ka sa heartache mo.”

(Even if you don’t know how to sing, even if you’re flat or sharp or out of tune, if you sing out your heartache, you feel like you’re not alone in your heartache.)

So whether you’re down about love, or you just aren’t feeling too great in general, grab a couple of friends and belt your hearts out at the nearest karaoke bar.

Here are a couple of songs from Tonet’s own breakup playlist to soothe the pain:

“Where Do Broken Hearts Go” by Whitney Houston


No Tonet Jadaone breakup playlist would be complete without the powerful vocals of a Whitney Houston hit. “Mga Whitney Houston kasi, di natin abot eh, pero ‘pag nagvivideoke tayo abot natin; abot na abot natin si Tita Whitney,” explained Tonet.

(We can’t reach [the high notes of] Whitney Houston songs, but when we’re doing videoke, we can reach [those notes]; we can reach Tita Whitney.)

This song in particular was featured in the sountrack of That Thing Called Tadhana, where actress Angelica Panganiban tries to forget her ex with the help of JM de Guzman.

The movie’s version of the song, performed by Carlos Castrano, is scaled down, but still worth singing along to if you aren’t up for Whitney.


“Didn’t We Always Have It All” by Whitney Houston


“Didn’t we have the best of times/When love was young and new?/Couldn’t we reach inside and find/That world of me and you?”

Let’s face it, we all thought our relationships were perfect when they started out. Now that they’re over, we’re left wondering what went wrong. Losing love is confusing, Whitney gets it – and she’s singing all the questions we’re too afraid to ask.

“Someone Like You” by Adele


Adele wrote an entire album about a breakup, but this one in particular cuts deep. “Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead,” she croons, a truth we all have to face, eventually.

When Adele performed the song at her home, she said she could picture being alone years after the breakup, while the guy had a happy family. “[As opposed to “Rolling in the Deep], this one was kind of on my knees with you,” she explained.

“Alone” by Heart


“Alone” might not be about breaking up, but it could bring up some memories about the first time you fell for your ex. Whatever feelings it might bring to the surface, you can’t sing “Alone” without giving it your all, making it a great song for catharsis.

“Basang-Basa sa Ulan” by Aegis


Tonet actually suggested any Aegis song, but we thought this was perfect for getting back up after getting knocked down by love. This point in your life might feel dark and stormy, but like the characters in Tonet’s movies, you’ll find love again soon.

If “Basang-basa sa Ulan” isn’t doing it for you, The Voice Kids season 1 winner Lyca Gairanod sang a medley of Aegis songs during last season‘s semi-finals. Check out her performance (sing along to it maybe?) and take your pick:


We hope this playlist has helped you recover at least a little bit from your broken heart. What songs do you sing along to when you’re heartbroken? Tell us in the comments! –

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