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[PODCAST] KRIMINAL: When an EJK victim plays dead

[PODCAST] KRIMINAL: When an EJK victim plays dead
What happens when an EJK victim survives the attack to tell the story? Listen to the story on KRIMINAL.

When police claim that a suspect in an anti-drug operation “fought back” (nanlaban), they are usually absolved of allegations they killed their target.

But what happens when a suspect survives the attack and challenges the claim of the police?

This is what happened to the case of Kim Lester Ramos and Lauro Lagarde on October 5, 2019, when a policeman shot them both in a Marikina subdivision.

Ramos died on the spot, while Lagarde played dead then survived to tell the story and file a complaint.

After a year passed, Lagarde and Ramos’ family have learned that it takes more than surviving the shooting to seek justice from a system that has long been broken.

Listen to the story of this case on the 5th episode of KRIMINAL, Rapplers’ crime podcast hosted by police reporter Rambo Talabong. – Rappler.com

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