[PODCAST] I’ve Got An Opinion: Straight men can love K-pop

[PODCAST] I’ve Got An Opinion: Straight men can love K-pop
What does our guest think of the BTS 'biot' meme and the BTS meal craze? And what’s it like fighting the stereotype of the typical K-pop fan?

Note: This episode features cursing.

K-pop and hip-hop. On the surface, they seem like polar opposites. If you’re steeped in the ultra-masculine world of hip-hop, especially here in the Philippines, parang hindi ka tunay na lalaki kung mahilig ka sa Twice, or BTS, or Blackpink. Our guest today, however, thinks it’s a waste of time to deny what you love just because of our macho culture. 

In this episode of I’ve Got An Opinion, Rappler’s podcast on ordinary people with extraordinary views, Rappler Opinion editor Marguerite de Leon speaks with Benjo Gutierrez, a hardcore hip-hop head who is also very much a K-pop stan. 

Benjo initially wrote about his experience in his Voices piece, “Kung paano naging K-poper ang hip-hoper,” a read we highly recommend before listening to this episode. – Rappler.com