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Always running into Grab-related commuting problems?
Here’s how you can ensure a smoother ride the next time you book

BOOKING FRUSTRATIONS? You have your own responsibilities as a passenger too. Illustration by Nico Villarete

MANILA, Philippines — Ever been on a Grab ride where your driver couldn’t find you?

Do you double-check if you’ve placed the right pick-up pin as a response? This is the sharing economy at play.

Like Grab drivers, Grab passengers play a part in what is called a shared economy.

Shared economy, shared responsibilities

A shared economy is defined as a peer-to-peer exchange of goods and services – usually owners rent out properties like their cars or houses that they don’t often use.

#GrabResponsibly espouses the concept of shared economy. For Grab, the passangers, drivers and Grab itself each have their own responsibilities.

To observe this, Grab drafted a manual of do’s and don’ts to guide both partner-drivers and passengers on the proper behavior and etiquette that will help ensure a smooth experience every Grab ride.

We all have to deal with traffic and booking struggles, but doing your part can ensure a significantly smoother ride for you and other passengers. Here’s a few ways you can help lessen commuting woes, according to Grab’s manual of do’s and don’ts:

When booking

● Overloading is illegal. Go for the 6-seater option if there are more than 4 riders.

● No surprises — let the driver know if you’re bringing a furry friend. Bring your pets in a kennel or cage, and prepare for the worst-case scenario by having rags and poop bags ready. It’s still up to the driver, however, if they will allow you to ride with your pet or not.

● Refrain from cancelling – especially if it’s because of reasons like pinning the wrong pick-up dress. Did you know that if your cancelled bookings exceed the successful ones, your account may get suspended?

While in transit

● There’s a smoking ban, so don’t whip out cigarettes inside the car.

● All forms of sexual harassment towards drivers and passengers are punishable by law. Consensual acts such as flirting, PDA, and sexual intercourse are also strictly banned while inside the vehicle.

● Did you know that you can call 911 using the app? Click the sidebar, then choose the Emergency tab. You also have the option to add 3 emergency contacts, who can be set to receive auto-alerts from Grab.

Upon dropping off

● Remember to rate your driver. This will help Grab know how else they can improve the quality of your ride. Grab takes your feedback very seriously.

● Don’t ask the driver to go beyond the pinned drop-off point. For instance, avoid asking to be dropped off at the basement of the building instead of the lobby.

● Take your trash with you, and don’t forget to check all your stuff! After the trip ends, Grab and its drivers aren’t responsible for the items you leave behind.

Remember, you don’t own the car you booked — you’re sharing it with other people. All you need to do is practice basic social etiquette!

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