#CheckThisOut: ‘Tito’, ‘tita’ essentials for the self-sufficient you

Jaco Joves

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#CheckThisOut: ‘Tito’, ‘tita’ essentials for the self-sufficient you
The BrandRap team has a few ideas

Editor’s note: Some finds are simply too good not to share. Let us guide you on some of the best deals out there. Before you check that cart out, be sure to #CheckThisOut🛒. Our articles contain affiliate links from our partners. We earn a small commission when you shop using these links.

Being called a tito or tita (uncle or aunt in Filipino) is now a compliment. If you bear this tag, it signifies that you are known among your peers for constantly looking after yourself and your loved ones’ well-being, and preparing for whatever situation that arises.

In short, you’re maturing into a reliable yet independent citizen of the world – a far cry from the tita who brazenly asks rude questions at family gatherings.

An important thing to note for aspiring tito and tita is that you will never run out of must-haves, especially in these uncertain times. Indoors, outdoors, at work, or with the family, there will always be an instance that requires quick-thinking (a skill developed over time) and the use of some tita-proof tool.

With the help of the BrandRap team, composed of tito and titas in varying degrees, we’ll suggest more items that you should include in your artillery – for the body, skin, and more – because you might not know when you’ll need them!   

Here are some of my own recommendations, the two of which are in my cart right now:

POY-SIAN 2-in-1 inhaler

Ever since I got one from a trip abroad, I now always make sure that I have this Thai inhaler everywhere with me. It’s really handy during moments when I suddenly feel unwell but still think it’s too early to jump into conclusions. (Don’t worry, I consult the doctor when a condition persists!) Whether I’m stressed, dizzy, or struck by headache, the natural scents of POY-SIAN – peppermint on one end, eucalyptus on the other – soothe and help calm me down.

Portable pill box

You might be taking prescribed medicines, or just keeping yourself immune with a handful of vitamins, supplements, and first-aids. It helps to store these neatly in a compact pill box such as this one! Especially if you’re the type who’s always on the road, help unburden your bag of the bulk by compartmentalizing your capsules and pills in these cute but minimalistic containers according to need or schedule.

Pacsafe anti-theft wallet

In an era where fraud (in different forms 👀 ) is rampant, a self-respecting tito or tita knows better than to leave his or her assets unprotected. Since banks have started shifting to using RFID cards, these have been exposed to a new threat, RFID skimming, which enables hackers to use sophisticated scanners to copy your cards’ information. Just as you become more vigilant on digital transactions, keep your physical ones safe too through safekeeping mechanisms such as this anti-theft wallet. And of course, observe social distancing.

Berocca orange effervescent tablets

When we were still working in the office, most of us would always have a tube of Berocca tablets ready for whoever was feeling like he or she was coming down with the flu. Flu was so common then but was not as scary. A lot of us would swear by the power of drinking a glass of water with two Berocca tablets to stop the flu from coming or at least speed up the healing process.

So when the pandemic hit, I stocked up on Berocca and would drink a glass whenever I had to go out and another one when I got home. I would also drink a glass whenever I felt just a small itch in my throat. I, fortunately, haven’t contracted COVID (and hopefully I never do) but I’m not sure if it’s because Berocca is THAT powerful or I just have a really strong faith in these glasses of sparkling orange juice. 

– Marj, BrandRap editor

S-shaped Thera Crane back hook massager

“With age comes wisdom”, but so do back pains. And if you can’t go out to get a massage, the next best thing is to DIY it. 

The S-shaped back hook massager looks odd and suspicious, but its design makes massaging hard-to-reach areas easier and without any assistance. Its wide S design allows users to hold it at different angles and exert deeper pressure without having to use a lot of force. And the knots found throughout will help you target specific trigger areas that you want to massage.

The trick is to learn how to place your arms and hold the massager in different ways so you can massage effectively without having to strain with too much effort, and luckily there are tons of tutorials that teach how to do just that on YouTube. 

Pair this with your favorite salve, maybe add some essential oils and listen to Enya, and you have yourself a relaxing spa day at home.

– Julian, senior producer and Communicart lead

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm and Hand Salve

A hallmark of tita/tito-hood is refusing to go out with chapped lips and dry hands. Nothing says “I am a twentysomething to thirtysomething and guess what, I have my life together” than perfectly dewy lips and smooth hands. The beeswax in both the Lip Balm and Hand Salve are naturally derived and have been field-tested by generations of titos and titas that it’s now kind of essential to have either or both nestled inside your statement tote bags.

– Armand, senior content strategist and host of Play of the Week and Rappler Game Night

Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit

What’s more tea-ta than tea? Kidding aside, loose leaf tea is my ultimate tita find. Tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is full of antioxidants, making it a healthy drink. This starter kit from Nature’s Apothecary was my first loose leaf tea purchase and remains my favorite because it contains everything a beginner would need: small pouches of different tea varieties, tea strainer and scoop, as well as a guide to all the flavors. Plus it comes in a cute box! Once you switch to loose leaf tea from tea bags, you’ll know that you’ve truly become a tita.

– Raven, senior producer and GoodRap lead

Portable first aid kit

Full-sized first aid kits packed with all kinds of medical essentials are important to have at home, while smaller portable ones can be handy to have when you’re out and about. This portable kit from Shopee is small enough to fit in most bags and already comes with the supplies that you’ll likely need. In the pack are essentials like sterile gauze pads, alcohol wipes, Q-tips, and even a latex tourniquet. Chances are you won’t ever need them, but it’s good to be prepared with at least the bare minimum for emergencies.

You can also add in other items in the pack like pain relievers, paracetamol, antacid, ointments, or other medication you may need.

– another one from Julian

Add these to your cart and be on your way to becoming a certified tito or tita! Next step is to monitor your blood pressure, sugar, and joints – but take it slowly if you aren’t ready for that conversation yet. 🤔  – Rappler.com

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Jaco Joves

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