5 things TJ Monterde needs to fuel his creative process

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5 things TJ Monterde needs to fuel his creative process
He relies on inspiration, support from his fans, and a laptop perfectly fit for his production process

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What do you need before working? Some people can only work in a quiet environment, while others require a bit of light music. Most people need a drink and something to snack on – coffee is a favorite. 

We all have our own preferences when it comes to a proper working environment. And popular Filipino singer-songwriter TJ Monterde – of “Dating Tayo” fame – is just like us: he needs a set of things to be productive. 

If you’re an aspiring musician, a fan, or someone searching for productivity inspiration, take a look at some of his work essentials: 


“Like a lot of people, caffeine really helps me to be creative,” shared Monterde. Before working on his music, he prepares a cup of fresh coffee for himself. Because this is one of his sources of happiness, it helps him get into the right mood before tackling the day’s tasks. 


Another source of creativity for a lot of musicians and artists is inspiration, which comes in many different forms. For Monterde, this comes to him while he’s asleep. 

Minsan from your sleep you dream of tunes, you dream of melodies. Magigising ka, kailangan mo sila i-capture. ‘Wag mo silang pakawalan. [Sometimes from your sleep, you dream of tunes, you dream of melodies. You wake up and you need to capture these. Don’t let them go],” he said. 

TRANSLATING EMOTIONS. Monterde works with his creative tools to capture the music and melodies inspired by his dreams or a Korean drama he was watching.
Movies and Korean dramas

But, as any artist knows, we can’t rely solely on inspiration from dreams or experiences. So many turn to other works of art. While watching movies and Korean dramas, Monterde is on the lookout for emotions that he can recreate in his own way.

“I go directly to the piano, I grab the emotion and dun mo i-embrace yung creativity [that’s when you embrace creativity].”

Love and support of family and fans

Monterde also named his wife – fellow musician KZ Tandingan – his family, and friends as his sources of strength. He also expressed his delight at the advancements in technology that have enabled him to be closer to his fans. 

His piece of advice for people looking to create their best work? “You really need to be around people who believe in you [and in your creativity.]” 

CONNECTING LIVE. Monterde enjoys being one click away from talking to his fans.
Dell XPS 15 laptop

Once he has his caffeine and inspiration, it’s finally time for him to get to work. His secret weapon? A laptop that can keep up with all his needs. 

“[In order] for me to create more music and more songs, I use my Dell XPS 15 to push my creativity.”

DELL XPS 15. Monterde enjoys this laptop’s edge-to-edge screen, 11th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, multiple ports, and immersive sound.

The Dell XPS 15 is his laptop of choice for a number of reasons. First, the edge-to-edge screen allows him to enjoy a bigger screen when he edits. This makes it easier for him to see all options as well as drag and drop them into his working file.

Second, the 11th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor is “[a big, big help]” when it comes to music production. Because of this powerful processor, he can continue to be creative because his laptop doesn’t lag and doesn’t take long to load the applications he needs.

Another reason is the multiple ports available on this laptop. “With multiple ports kaya ko pagsabayin [I can plug in my mic, guitar, keyboard, SPD drums all at the same time]. Pwede mo isabay sa interface din [You can also put them on the interface.]” 

Lastly, he praised the immersive sound of the XPS 15. Since he’s a musician, he needs a laptop that will let him hear the exact sound quality he gets from his instruments during recordings. “Sobrang ganda ng sound ng laptop na ‘to [This laptop has such good sound],” he gushed.

Working with Dell XPS

“Dell laptops help me with my creativity kasi lagi siyang sumasabay sa evolution ng technology [because it always keeps up with the evolution of technology.]” 

With the Dell XPS (“eXtreme Performance System”), the company’s line of consumer-oriented high-end laptop and desktop computers, Monterde shows that using a laptop that fits your lifestyle can create a beneficial partnership. He sees it as the combination of two universes: his own universe of creativity and the other universe made possible by his laptop and equipment.

Want to see how else the Dell XPS 15 fuels TJ Monterde’s creative process? Watch this video: 

If you’re looking for a Dell XPS laptop that will fit your lifestyle, check out their Facebook page. With Dell, you can also expand your youniverse and fill it with passion and creativity. – Rappler.com

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