2022 Philippine Elections

LIST: Who is running in Bukidnon in the 2022 Philippine elections?

LIST: Who is running in Bukidnon in the 2022 Philippine elections?
They are running in 4 congressional districts, 2 cities, and 20 municipalities

Political aspirants in 81 provinces filed their certificates of candidacies October 1-8. 

In Bukidnon, they are running in 4 congressional districts, 2 cities, and 20 municipalities.

Who will be running for elective positions in Bukidnon in the coming May 2022 polls?

This page has been updated to reflect the Commission on Elections’ tentative list “based on the initial evaluation of the Certificates of Nomination, Certificates of Candidacy and Certificates of Nomination and Acceptance.” 

The Comelec says “the contents of the list…are subject to change as a result of any further evaluation or resolution” of the commission en banc.

Bookmark this page for the final list once the poll body makes it available.

For Governor

  • ELIGAN, BONG (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • MABILOG, EDGAR (Independent)
  • ROQUE, ONEIL (People’s Reform Party)
  • TERO, RODRIGO (Independent)
  • ZUBIRI, MANUEL ANTONIO (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)

For Vice Governor

  • CATARATA, LEAN (Independent)
  • DANGALLO, PASTOR DAN (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • QUIÑO, CLIVE (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)

For Board Member

First District
  • ALBARECE, JONG (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • CALINGASAN, CARLO REY (Independent)
  • ONAHON, BARTH (People’s Reform Party)
  • ONAHON, LARRY (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • PANCRUDO, DOKBEN (Liberal Party)
  • QUIÑO, TITING (People’s Reform Party)
  • UPLINGER, JENNY (Independent)
Second District
  • BELTRAN, ATTY. JUN (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • CUDAL, MANNY JAMES II (Nacionalista Party)
  • DAMASCO, DATU BOY (Independent)
  • DINLAYAN, BOBBY JAY (Nacionalista Party)
  • DINLAYAN, LORENZO JR. (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • HALINA, ALEJANDRO (Independent)
  • MONSANTO, HOLLIS (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • PAHAYAHAY, NONOY (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • TORTOLA, MANAGER LOI (Nacionalista Party)
Third District
  • BAGUIO, BENITO (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • CABANATAN, JONAS (Independent)
  • CASINABE, BING-BING (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • PALMADA, JOSEPH (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • TORRES, GORDON (People’s Reform Party)
Fourth District
  • AGRIPO, RHEA RHENNA (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • CATARATA, RICAH CHEA (Nacionalista Party)
  • PAMISA, JENSON (Independent)
  • PEPITO, DOC RJ (Nacionalista Party)
  • ROSAL, DODONG (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)

For congressional representatives

First District
  • ACOSTA, DR. NERIC (Independent)
  • ALBA, JOEMAN (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • ELIGAN, JUN (Workers and Peasants Party)
Second District
  • FLORES, ATTY. JOHN (Nacionalista Party)
  • MACAS, RICHARD (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
Third District
  • AYON, ATE ARLYN (People’s Reform Party)
  • CABARABAN, REY (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • PAÑA, GEORGE (Independent)
  • RAMILO, ALBERTO (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • ZUBIRI, JOSE MARIA JR. (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
Fourth District
  • GARCIA, ATTY. BABBA (Bukidnon Paglaum Party)
  • ROQUE, LAARNI (Nacionalista Party)

Cities and municipalities


For mayor
  • DAHINO, GIOVANNI (Independent)
  • JARAULA, LOLOY (People’s Reform Party)
For vice mayor
  • BEJARIN, TONY (Independent)
  • RAGUDO, FELIPE (People’s Reform Party)
  • VERGARA, CAGE (Independent)
For councilor
  • BACARRO, GILBERT SR. (Independent)
  • BACAS, EBO (Independent)
  • BAIGAD, JING (People’s Reform Party)
  • BAJUYO, DODO (Independent)
  • BALATAYO, DADAY (Independent)
  • BAS, JESUS (Independent)
  • BEJA, PAOLO (People’s Reform Party)
  • BLANILA, WAWANG (People’s Reform Party)
  • CONACO, BOY (Independent)
  • CUAL, JULIE (People’s Reform Party)
  • DAWI, MATEO JR. (Independent)
  • ESPACIO, VIEMER (Independent)
  • FABRIA, OCA (People’s Reform Party)
  • MICABALO, MARLON (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • OBARCO, JOEFEL (People’s Reform Party)
  • PALANAN, KOKO (Independent)
  • RAVIDAS, GOLDIE (Independent)
  • ROA, DANRO (People’s Reform Party)
  • THOMPSON, JOSIE (Independent)


For mayor
  • CASTILLANES, CHARLIE (Nacionalista Party)
  • OBSIOMA, LOTLOT (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • INOCANDO, DODONG (Independent)
  • LINSAGAN, JERRY (Nacionalista Party)
For councilor
  • BALMOCENA, RAFAEL (Nacionalista Party)
  • BECARO, BIMBOY (Independent)
  • BONGAT, BONGGE BABY (Independent)
  • BORNALES, RANDY (Nacionalista Party)
  • DELA CRUZ, JOEL (Independent)
  • DIAHAN, ROBERT (Independent)
  • DUMAGPI, RR (Independent)
  • ENCARGUEZ, REY (Nacionalista Party)
  • FLORES, EFREN (Independent)
  • HALIDGADO, EDWIN JR. (Independent)
  • JUGO, JENEFFIER (Nacionalista Party)
  • OSTAN, JEORGE (Nacionalista Party)
  • POLITUD, KEKING (Independent)
  • SABAYTON, ROMEO (Independent)
  • SALAHAG, JERMAINE (Independent)
  • SUAREZ, NILO (Independent)
  • SUSUSCO, LINDA (Independent)
  • TAGADIAD, ROMEO (Nacionalista Party)
  • TAMAYO, ATE VANGIE (Independent)
  • TORRES, CHARLIE (Nacionalista Party)
  • VILLANUEVA-OCIER, VEMEN (Nacionalista Party)

City of Malaybalay (Capital)

For mayor
  • FLORES, FLORENCIO JR. (Nacionalista Party)
  • PABILLARAN, WARREN (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • MARABE, ESTELITO LITOY (Nacionalista Party)
  • MARABE, JASON (Independent)
  • SANGALANG, RENDON (Independent)
For councilor
  • ALDEGUER, NIKO (Nacionalista Party)
  • ANTIPASADO, IGOY (Independent)
  • BARROSO, VICTOR (Nacionalista Party)
  • BELTRAN, DOY (Independent)
  • BIDES, KUYA JOHN (Independent)
  • DAMASCO, ATTORNEY (Independent)
  • DAMASCO, WINKY (Nacionalista Party)
  • DINLAYAN, DINDO (Nacionalista Party)
  • DINLAYAN, ENGR. KIRIL (Independent)
  • DUMAS, CARLOS (Independent)
  • FLORES, BRIAN (Nacionalista Party)
  • GELLOR, JIMMY (Nacionalista Party)
  • LEGASPI, ALAN RYANN (Nacionalista Party)
  • LOFRANCO, ATTY. VICAR (Independent)
  • MACAPALA, JOE CARLO (Independent)
  • MARAMARA, MELCHOR (Independent)
  • MELENDEZ, ARTHUR (Independent)
  • ORQUIA, GENERAL ROY (Nacionalista Party)
  • PAGALING, CECILLE (Nacionalista Party)
  • SARTE, REYNOLD (Independent)
  • SOLITO, ROB JANE (Independent)
  • SORIA, TOPE (Independent)
  • SUMANDURAN, ENGR. DONDON (Independent)
  • TILANDUCA, ANNA LOU (Independent)
  • TORTOLA, LAMBERT (Independent)
  • VALIENTE, BONIFACIO (Nacionalista Party)


For mayor
  • BURO, MEL (Independent)
  • GOGO, SAMMY (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • QUIA-OT, GERALD (People’s Reform Party)
  • TIONGCO, ROMEO (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • BADIC, VICENTE (People’s Reform Party)
  • SALMASAN, BITO (Independent)
For councilor
  • AGRAMON, RAMIL (Independent)
  • ASIGNAR, BOBBY (Independent)
  • AYCO, ARMANDO SR. (People’s Reform Party)
  • BATICAN, HENRY (Independent)
  • BELLEZAS, PAGA (Independent)
  • BON, GROCERS KING (Independent)
  • BURO, MELVEN (Independent)
  • CABILLAR, ERLANY (Independent)
  • ESTUDILLO, ESTOY (Independent)
  • GETIGAN, RAZULMEO (People’s Reform Party)
  • HEQUILAN, PASTOR JAMES (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • LUNDAS, MARILOU (Independent)
  • LUNZAGA, AGNES (Independent)
  • MAMINTAL, ALISON (People’s Reform Party)
  • MANTAWIL, MALINGCO (Independent)
  • MOÑEZA, EDGAR (People’s Reform Party)
  • OLMILLA, NAZIER JOV (People’s Reform Party)
  • PACUÑO, JEROME (Independent)
  • RIVERO, LILET (Independent)
  • ROM, RIC JOHN (Independent)
  • TAGALONGAN, NONO (Independent)
  • TAGARDA, DODO (Independent)
  • TRABAJO, MICO TRABAJO (Independent)
  • VERSANO, ROLANDO (People’s Reform Party)
  • VIRTUDAZO, RONALD (Independent)


For mayor
  • AYUBAN, EDILBERTO (Independent)
  • DANDASAN, MARK VINCENT (Independent)
  • PESCADERO, ANECITO (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • DANDASAN, FRUTO JR. (Independent)
  • PALUGA, PETRONILO (Independent)
For councilor
  • AMISOLA, EUGEN (Independent)
  • ANDOY, EMETERIO (Independent)
  • ARAYAN, VICTORIN (Independent)
  • AYUBAN, PATRICK (Independent)
  • BAUTISTA, ALEXANDER (Independent)
  • CABUNOC, SERVILLE (Independent)
  • COMETA, JULIUS (Independent)
  • DUROG, JESUS JR. (Independent)
  • GUIPETACIO, GENARO (Independent)
  • IGTOS, ANNA ZENAIDA (Independent)
  • MANLANGIT, LOWYN (People’s Reform Party)
  • MEDINA, MELCHOR (Independent)
  • MICABALO, EUGENIO (Independent)
  • MICABALO, SIXTO (Independent)
  • SARAOS, ALVIN (Independent)

Don Carlos

For mayor
  • KOTICO, KEITH ANTHONY (People’s Reform Party)
  • PIZARRO, ALONA (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • ABSUELO, LOLOY (Independent)
  • ARENAS, ROWEL (Independent)
  • PALMADA, JUDE (Independent)
For councilor
  • ABRENA, JUN (Independent)
  • ACAO, ANECITO (People’s Reform Party)
  • ACILO, JOHN (People’s Reform Party)
  • BAG-AO, ROSALIE (Independent)
  • BOTE, SAMY (Independent)
  • CABADONGA, KERT LEAN (People’s Reform Party)
  • CAMPOAMOR, ROSALINA (Independent)
  • CHUA, RAYMUND PAB (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • ENGBINO, HERMS (People’s Reform Party)
  • GABALES, ERMIE (Independent)
  • GAID, MARBEN JOSE (Independent)
  • GARCIA, PET (Independent)
  • ILIGAN, KUYA HENRY (Independent)
  • LAGURA, BRO. MARIO (Independent)
  • MATEO, JOJO (Independent)
  • PADUGANAO, RONELO (Independent)
  • PAHILAN, JUNIOR (Independent)
  • SALVAÑA, JOCELYN (Independent)
  • SALVAÑA, SAN-SAN (People’s Reform Party)
  • TABANO, LORLYN (Independent)
  • TECSON, CHARLES (Independent)


For mayor
  • ROQUE, RORY (Nacionalista Party)
  • UY, CHECHE (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • CHAVEZ, MAROBOTH (Independent)
  • PEPITO, MARIA NORLY (Nacionalista Party)
For councilor
  • JAMILO, APYONGACAL, JAIME (Nacionalista Party)
  • ALMEDA, MERIEL (Nacionalista Party)
  • ANTIVO, MAXUEL (Independent)
  • CATAO, BEBS (Independent)
  • DAO-ON, VENERANDO (Nacionalista Party)
  • DE GRACIA, PASTOR LITO (Independent)
  • DUPENO, ALEXANDER (Independent)
  • ECHEMINADA, XENIA JANE (Independent)
  • GALLEGO, TERAY (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • JAMILO, APYONG (Independent)
  • LAGAYAN, VON OMAR (Nacionalista Party)
  • MARTEL, SHELLALYN (Nacionalista Party)
  • OKINLAY, MAI-MAI (Nacionalista Party)
  • OLANA, BOYAN (Nacionalista Party)
  • OLANA, JUNJUN (Independent)
  • OLASIMAN, OWEN (Independent)
  • OLIVER, LUCREC (Independent)
  • PAD-AY, RICHARD (Independent)
  • SUMENTE, ORNICO (Nacionalista Party)
  • TULUSAN, DONDO (Independent)
  • UY, JESSE JOSE (Independent)


For mayor
  • CANOY, JERRY JR. (Independent)
  • JOVELLAR, HELBERT (People’s Reform Party)
For vice mayor
  • BAG-AO, JULIO (Independent)
  • BULLECER, GILBERT GIBS (Independent)
  • TADEO, SEGUNDO JR. (People’s Reform Party)
For councilor
  • AGUSTIN, RICOY (Independent)
  • ALAMBATIN, ROLANDO (Independent)
  • BALIGUAT, NESTOR SR. (People’s Reform Party)
  • BULLECER, MARJURIE (Independent)
  • CABAJAR, JANE (People’s Reform Party)
  • CANOY, JERRY SR. (Independent)
  • CANOY, SUSANO JR. (Independent)
  • CAYETONA, NELSON (Independent)
  • CLARIN, RODULFO (People’s Reform Party)
  • DAMASING, MARIO (People’s Reform Party)
  • EDULLANTES, LASMAR (Independent)
  • GUIRITAN, LOLOY (Independent)
  • JUNIO, ARIEL (Independent)
  • LANTAO, JULIE (Independent)
  • LU, JEAN (People’s Reform Party)
  • OBIAL, DANILO (Independent)
  • PAGUNTALAN, MARIO (Independent)
  • RAMIREZ, SAMUEL (People’s Reform Party)
  • TADEO, EMELITA (People’s Reform Party)


For mayor
  • CABISAY, JONG (Nacionalista Party)
  • GAMBOA, RAYMON CHARL (Independent)
  • PIZARRO, DIDAY (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • PADSING, JOEL (Independent)
  • PIZARRO, OMARADJI (Independent)
  • VELASCO, EDWIN (Independent)
For councilor
  • BAJAO, FREDIMEL (Independent)
  • BERNADAS, ELVIRA (Independent)
  • DASILAO, JUAN (Independent)
  • DATOR, ROSA (Independent)
  • DELA CERNA, NEL (Nacionalista Party)
  • GUIBAO, OLIVER (Independent)
  • JUMAO-AS, DODO (Independent)
  • LACDO-O, KAKA (Independent)
  • MADERSE, CELSO SR. (Independent)
  • NACASABOG, TOTO (Independent)
  • NAVARRO, GEORGE (Independent)
  • PADSING, JOHNNY SR. (Independent)
  • PADSING, LOIDO (Independent)
  • PALAGA, RUDY (Independent)
  • PALMA, ROGER (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • PENDATUN, ARLAINE (Independent)
  • PEÑAFLOR, NONO (Nacionalista Party)
  • QUINTILA, DANNY (Independent)
  • QUINTILA, ROLANDO (Nacionalista Party)
  • RAMAS, WILDRED (Independent)
  • RAMOS, BENITO JR. (Independent)


For mayor
  • ANG RABANES, REYNALDO (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • BATAO, NONONG (Independent)
For councilor
  • CABAÑELEZ, NIEL (Independent)
  • GALLEROS, ANGELO (Independent)
  • GANAS, JOSE (Independent)
  • JURADO, RODULFO (Independent)
  • LAURON, EDEMAR (Independent)
  • MADELO, RONAN (Independent)
  • NILLAS, DODONG (Independent)
  • PACQUIAO, DODONG (Independent)
  • PANIS, JORIE (Independent)
  • PITOGO, JUNIOR (Independent)
  • RANOCO, JR. (Independent)
  • ROBLES, BASILITO (Independent)
  • SOLIS, SEGUNDINO (Independent)
  • TAN, GERARDO (Independent)
  • TUMONGCAY, MENDING (Independent)


For mayor
  • ABUCAYAN, EDWIN (Independent)
  • CABUGNASON, FELIPE (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • GAWILAN, LORENZO JR. (Independent)
For councilor
  • ABUCAYAN, TITOE (Independent)
  • ALIGATO, DONATO (Independent)
  • ANGIT, MARY ANN (Independent)
  • BELTRAN, EDUARDO (Independent)
  • GAWILAN, PINGPING (Independent)
  • GAWILAN, ROELITO (Independent)
  • GENERALAO, ATORNI BIMBOY (People’s Reform Party)
  • GUBATON, EVANGELINE (Independent)
  • JALAGAT, MARCELO JR. (Independent)
  • OFIMA, SOCRATES (Independent)
  • PANGCAT, DIONESIO (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • RAFISURA, EDGARDO (Independent)


For mayor
  • DEVIBAR, ERNIE (Independent)
  • GALLANO, JUNGALS (Nacionalista Party)
For vice mayor
  • BALANSAG, ARICKY JAMES (Independent)
  • RUBIO, BAM-BAM (Nacionalista Party)
For councilor
  • ADLAO, AMPER (Independent)
  • ALSULA, KIRK CLYDE (Independent)
  • BAHALLA, ARIEL (Nacionalista Party)
  • BALANSAG, EBYONG (Independent)
  • BELICAN, NIKKO (Independent)
  • BUCAG, GOGOY (Nacionalista Party)
  • DAGATAN, DANTE (Independent)
  • DEVIBAR, ERIC (Independent)
  • ENOT, HERNIE (Independent)
  • FLORES, JEANO RONNIE (Nacionalista Party)
  • LABIAL, JULIANE JOSE (Independent)
  • LUARDO, NEIL JOSHUA (Nacionalista Party)
  • MALUYA, THANIE (Independent)
  • RUBIO, INDAY (Nacionalista Party)
  • RUBIO, JULIAN (Nacionalista Party)
  • SAWAY, WAWAY (Independent)
  • TAGAYUNA, JOSE (Nacionalista Party)
  • YAM-OC, RANIL (Independent)


For mayor
  • LOPEZ, AURELIO (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • CALINGASAN, TOTOM (Independent)
For councilor
  • ABAS, IAN (Independent)
  • BASSIR, MARLON (Independent)
  • BUTA, MARY CYRIL (Independent)
  • CALINGASAN, HANNALEE (Independent)
  • CIMACIO, DEME (Independent)
  • FERNANDEZ, RELLA (Independent)
  • GABITO, JUN JUN (Independent)
  • GALLEGO, VLADIMIR (Independent)
  • IBARITA, FERNANDO (Independent)
  • IBONA, DODO (Independent)
  • JANLAY, VIVIAN (Independent)
  • NAGAC, CARLO (Independent)
  • NEMENZO, ENRIQUE JR. (Liberal Party)
  • PAILAGAO, INDAY (Independent)
  • RAAKIN, TITO (Independent)
  • TACANDONG, REX (Independent)
  • WOO, TAWING (Independent)


For mayor
  • CASIÑO, GARY (People’s Reform Party)
  • EVANGELISTA, CINDY (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • DELA ROSA, CATHY (Independent)
  • ONG, WOWEE (Independent)
For councilor
  • BANDIALAN, MA. VIDA (Independent)
  • CABANES, RENERIO (People’s Reform Party)
  • CARPO, GLENN (Independent)
  • DAINHAY, ELTIE (Independent)
  • DELA ROSA, AIDA (Independent)
  • DOMINGUEZ, REGIE (People’s Reform Party)
  • DOMINGUEZ, RUDY (Independent)
  • EMANO, MOMMY LING (Independent)
  • EMATA, DONGDONG (People’s Reform Party)
  • EMATA, GERALD (People’s Reform Party)
  • ESTRELLA, CARLOS (People’s Reform Party)
  • ILLORIN, RUBY (Independent)
  • JANIO, TEOFREDO (Independent)
  • LOMPON, LINO (Independent)
  • MATA, JOEY (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • OCERO, JHONG (People’s Reform Party)
  • SABUNOD, CHEM (Independent)
  • SAGOSA, ROLDAN (Independent)
  • SUELLO, BOBBY (Independent)
  • TUPAZ, SACHEEN (Independent)

Manolo Fortich

For mayor
  • ACOSTA, SOCORRO (Liberal Party)
  • QUIÑO, ROGELIO (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • ALBARECE, BOBOY (Liberal Party)
  • BAGAYAS, BOJUN (Independent)
  • MIÑOZA, ROROY (People’s Reform Party)
For councilor
  • ABALES, RAQUEL (Independent)
  • ALBARECE, JAY (Independent)
  • ALBARECE, LEE (Independent)
  • ARBOLE, ONDOY (Independent)
  • ARTAJO, NONOY (Independent)
  • BACANI, MYLENE (Liberal Party)
  • BINAYAO, DODO (People’s Reform Party)
  • CORDOVEZ, JOY (Independent)
  • DAGUNLAY, EDDIE (Independent)
  • DEMATA, MIGUEL (Independent)
  • DIGNOS, JIERER (Liberal Party)
  • DUMOTAN, VICTOR (Liberal Party)
  • GANAS, KAROGANS (People’s Reform Party)
  • GERONG, NONOY (Independent)
  • GONZALES, COACH (Independent)
  • LAGAT, KOKO (Independent)
  • LEPARTO, TATA (Independent)
  • LEYSON, JERSON (Independent)
  • NGUJO, TEACHER TING (Liberal Party)
  • ONAHON, ARJAY (People’s Reform Party)
  • PANCRUDO, EDUI (Independent)
  • PAYANGA, JIMSON (People’s Reform Party)
  • QUIÑO, RINA (Independent)
  • TUGOT, JINO (Independent)


For mayor
  • BALABA, LEO (People’s Reform Party)
  • DOROMAL, JOSE JOEL (Independent)
  • RIVERO, DOMIN (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • ACOSTA, MCNEIL (People’s Reform Party)
For councilor
  • ABELLO, ROMUALDO JR. (Independent)
  • BAGUHIN, BOY (Independent)
  • BUGAS, SAMMY (People’s Reform Party)
  • CABALQUINTO, ROY (Independent)
  • CEBALLOS, MIGUEL (People’s Reform Party)
  • CUADRASAL, ESTER (Independent)
  • DOROMAL, JOFIDEL (Independent)
  • GAITERA, ABUNDIO (Independent)
  • GALILEA, PAUL RITCHE (Independent)
  • KWAN, CARMELIT (Independent)
  • LAURIE, LORRAINE (Independent)
  • LUMANOG, HERBIE (People’s Reform Party)
  • PAULICAN, NESTOR (Independent)
  • PENONIA, GOMER (Independent)
  • PUERIN, JOSELYN (Independent)
  • VELOSO, NONOY (People’s Reform Party)
  • VERGARA, FELIX JR. (Independent)


For mayor
  • DACOLAY, LUMER (Independent)
  • GARCES, TOPHEN (Nacionalista Party)
  • SILVA, MIGUEL JR. (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • ALBEOS, ALMAR (Nacionalista Party)
  • CALAG, WELAN (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • GARCES, MANOLITO (Independent)
For councilor
  • ACOBO, LALAY (Independent)
  • CALO, JAIME (Independent)
  • CANONO, DANTE (Independent)
  • DE LEON, JOSETTE (Nacionalista Party)
  • DELOS REYES, ALJON (Independent)
  • GIPULLA, AGNES (Independent)
  • HERNANDEZ, WADI (Independent)
  • LIBOON, PEDRO (Independent)
  • MOLINA, EMBOY (Independent)
  • NAPARAN, ALLAN (Nacionalista Party)
  • PACTOL, WARLITO (Independent)
  • PALMARES, MARLON (Nacionalista Party)
  • PALMARES, NESTOR (Independent)
  • PONCE, NANAY (Independent)
  • RODRIGUEZ, REYNOLD JR II (Independent)
  • SALVACION, DARWIN (Independent)
  • SECADRON, PIO SR. (Independent)
  • TAÑOLA, MACKY (Independent)
  • TUBONGBANUA, CALVIN (Independent)


For mayor
  • GONZAGA, JULIAN (Independent)
  • GUE, GREGORIO (People’s Reform Party)
  • LORENZO, POLING (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • BOYLES, FELIX (Independent)
  • DUROTAN, JOSEPH SR. (Independent)
For councilor
  • AGDON, JAMES (Independent)
  • AREJA, JAY (Independent)
  • BACULINA, CORAZON (Independent)
  • BAGUIO, CLYDE (Independent)
  • BARDON, NILO (Independent)
  • BURBURAN, SALLY (Independent)
  • CABILES, EUGENE (People’s Reform Party)
  • DELA CRUZ, REBECCA (Katipunan ng Kamalayang Kayumanggi)
  • FORTICH, JOMIC (Independent)
  • GUE, ROBERT (People’s Reform Party)
  • LEONARDO, TITIT (Independent)
  • LEYSON, GAVIN (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • MILLAN, FRANCISCA (Independent)
  • MILO, WILLY (Independent)
  • MINGO, EPION (Independent)
  • MINGO, JONATHAN (Independent)
  • NERI, RODRIGO JR. (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • PAHILAN, DAVID (People’s Reform Party)
  • PALAHANG, GODFREY (Independent)
  • PERON, NORBERTO (Independent)
  • PERPETUA, FLOR (Independent)

San Fernando

For mayor
  • CATALAN, EDNA (Nacionalista Party)
  • YEKE, ROGELIO (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • EDMA, DODONG (Independent)
For councilor
  • BISNAR, LANDO (Independent)
  • BULACOY ,CATALINO (Nacionalista Party)
  • CATALAN, NORBERTO (Nacionalista Party)
  • DY, DANTE (Nacionalista Party)
  • EDMA, JUN-JUN (Independent)
  • FERRAREN, FLORANTE (Nacionalista Party)
  • FILIPINO, CESARIO (Independent)
  • GONZAGA, BENJIE (Independent)
  • GRAFIL, FERNANDO (Nacionalista Party)
  • HIPONIA, LARDY (Independent)
  • MANIB, TOMAS (Independent)
  • MUÑOZ, EDWIN SR. (Independent)
  • ORIEL, CHERYL (Nacionalista Party)
  • PACQUIAO, GENARO (Nacionalista Party)
  • PANADERO, NONOY (Independent)
  • PANTUAN, JONAS (Independent)
  • RABAGO, RICHIE (Independent)
  • SAMBALUD, JUAN (Independent)
  • TABOCLAON, RICHARD (Independent)
  • VIZCARRA, VIRGILIO (Independent)
  • YEKE, JEASER MAE (Independent)


For mayor
  • DABON, KUYA DAVE KEN (Independent)
  • VILLO, JOSE ANTONIO (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • BAULA, JIM-JIM (Independent)
  • DOYDOY, KATLOAN (Independent)
  • LEPARTO, JHUN DHEE (Independent)
For councilor
  • ANOBA, ROMEO (Independent)
  • APIAG, CRESANTO JR. (People’s Reform Party)
  • BADE, LEANDRO (People’s Reform Party)
  • BALUMA, BENJAMIN (Independent)
  • BAULA, MADAM MAE ANN (People’s Reform Party)
  • BULANTA, ADRONICO (Independent)
  • CAGADAS, JEROME (Independent)
  • CASTILLO, VERNIE (People’s Reform Party)
  • CUEVAS, ENGR. TITING (Independent)
  • DEL ROSARIO, GARY (Independent)
  • DELA CERNA, CORAZON (Independent)
  • EBALE, CHA-CHA (Independent)
  • ELLOVIDO, ANECITO (Independent)
  • ELORE, KENT (Independent)
  • NOVAL, LEILA (Independent)
  • OPECIO, MARK JOHN (Independent)
  • SALISE, MANDY (Independent)
  • SUMBALAN, NOVA (People’s Reform Party)
  • TAN, LANGLANG (People’s Reform Party)


For mayor
  • FACTURA, VERGITO (Independent)
  • LESIGON, ERNITO (Independent)
  • POCOL, MODESTO JR. (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • YAMBA, PATRICK (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • ASILAN, BOY (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • NOBLE, AMADO JR. (Independent)
  • VALENDEZ, JOEL (Independent)
For councilor
  • ANOOS, BENJAMIN (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • BONGHANOY, FERNANDO (Independent)
  • BUSTILLO, GABRIEL (Independent)
  • CATA-O, ROMEO (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • CEDEÑO, MARIO (Independent)
  • FACTURA, EDGAR (Independent)
  • GANOHON, RODEL (Independent)
  • LAGUILAY, ROWENO (People’s Reform Party)
  • LESIGON, LORNA (Independent)
  • LEVANTA, MICHAEL (Independent)
  • LOWAO, ARNELITO (Independent)
  • LUMPINAY, ANDRELO (Independent)
  • MACAPAYAG, MARNE (Independent)
  • MAYAGTING, LUDEVIDO (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • MONJE, ANGELO (People’s Reform Party)
  • NANUAL, KWIN-KWIN (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • NOBLE, AMANDO III (Independent)
  • PELENIO, MARTHA (Workers and Peasants Party)
  • RAMIREZ, MARK ANTHONY (Independent)
  • SABANG, YOLANDA (Independent)
  • SANSANAN, TOTO (Independent)
  • SULATAN, RENATO JR. (Independent)
  • TIANZON, ROMEO JR. (Independent)

Valencia City

For mayor
  • BAUTISTA, ALGERICO (Nacionalista Party)
  • HUERVAS, AZUCENA (Independent)
For vice mayor
  • MURILLO, POLICARPO (Independent)
  • PEPITO, ATTY. TED (Nacionalista Party)
For councilor
  • ASUNCION, EDGAR (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • BERNAL, MARK ANTHONEE (Independent)
  • BONGHANOY, BONG (Independent)
  • CABALUNA, DADA (Nacionalista Party)
  • CADIGAL, SASANG (Independent)
  • CAÑETE, ARLAN (Independent)
  • CENTILLAS, LANDO (Nacionalista Party)
  • CHAN, ELLEN JOY (Independent)
  • CUIZON, EDGAR (Independent)
  • DE ASIS, JUN (Nacionalista Party)
  • DURAN, RUSTOM SR. (Nacionalista Party)
  • EDUAVE, IKE (Independent)
  • ESCUDERO, AGNES (Katipunan ng Kamalayang Kayumanggi)
  • GARCIA, GINO (Independent)
  • HERA, ROLLY (Nacionalista Party)
  • JARDINICO, JERRY (Independent)
  • JARDINICO, MIGUELITO (Independent)
  • LAVIÑA, ALFREDO (Independent)
  • LOPEZ, FELIX (Independent)
  • MABAO, CECILE (Independent)
  • MACASERO, GLENN (Independent)
  • MADARANG, ALEX LAYOS (Nacionalista Party)
  • MOSQUITO, DOMS (Independent)
  • OBLAD, BENHUR (Independent)
  • PAGONZAGA, DENVER (Independent)
  • PEDUCHE, GLENN (Independent)
  • QUILLO, FRANCESKA (Independent)
  • ROSAL, DONG RYAN (Independent)
  • ROSAL, RADNEY (Independent)
  • SALCES, ERA (Nacionalista Party)
  • SISTOSO, TOTONG (Nacionalista Party)
  • ZAMBRANO, ANNALOU (Independent)

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