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[PODCAST] Law of Duterte Land: Duterte’s war on dissent

Lian Buan
[PODCAST] Law of Duterte Land: Duterte’s war on dissent
We talk to lawyer Jobert Pahilga about the recent mass arrests of peasants, artists, and journalists in Tarlac and how Duterte waged a crackdown on activism

MANILA, Philippines – From July 2016 to December 2021, 427 human rights defenders were killed, 2,807 arrested, 1,161 jailed, and 1,367 raided, according to data from human rights group Karapatan.

That sums up the war that President Rodrigo Duterte waged against dissent.

The passage of the anti-terror law intensified the climate of fear not just for activists, but even for journalists or anyone who criticize the government.

Local police in Tarlac recently conducted a mass arrest of more than 80 people – mostly peasant leaders but included artists and media members – over a land cultivation activity.

On this episode of the Law of Duterte Land podcast, justice reporter Lian Buan talks to lawyer Jobert Pahilga of Sentro para sa Tunay na Repormang Agraryo (SENTRA) on what it was like to be a dissenter during the last six years of the Duterte administration, and their outlook for president-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. –

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