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[PODCAST] Teach Me, Senpai, E2: Marketing an environmental movement with #breakfreefromplastic
[PODCAST] Teach Me, Senpai, E2: Marketing an environmental movement with #breakfreefromplastic
Listen to how this digital media manager sells environmental ideals to the public

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to make a living as an environmentalist?

Arvin Alvarez knew she wanted to work in a field with immediate social impact, but she gave in to external pressures and signed up for a corporate job right after college. The experience was very short-lived. It didn’t take long for her to realize that a regular office job wasn’t for her.

After trying out a social enterprise and then starting her own business, she stumbled upon a job ad by a non-profit organization looking for staff to work on a new movement.

Today, Arvin works for #breakfreefromplastic – a coalition of over 12,000 organizations and individual members, including Greenpeace, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Zero Waste Europe, and more. The global movement’s goal is to make a life with zero plastic pollution possible.

Their work revolves around finding solutions to the insurmountable plastic waste problem, helping policy makers craft regulations, calling out and encouraging corporations to switch to reusables wherever safe and possible, and empowering individuals to make greener choices.

Arvin is the digital media manager of #breakfreefromplastic. She plays a huge role in helping shift the narrative of plastic pollution from being a problem caused by consumers to one caused by producers.

In this episode of Teach Me, Senpai, host Julian Cirineo sits with Arvin and finds out why she pivoted her career towards making an impact, and what it’s like to market an environmental movement instead of a product.

The episode goes live on Sunday, August 27, at 7 pm. Bookmark this page so you don’t miss it! –

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