#CheckThisOut: Surf Ultra Power Liquid will power up your ‘labada’

Jaco Joves
#CheckThisOut: Surf Ultra Power Liquid will power up your ‘labada’
Get it for as low as P6 SRP

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Need some help with your laundry?

Although washing clothes is somewhat therapeutic – at least, for me – as it offers a quick respite from mentally taxing activities, some of the usual hassles of washing machine users can’t be ignored. The annoying feeling of having to rewash favorite pieces because of unwanted residues, no thanks to powder detergents, is all too familiar. Clogging is also a possibility due to the build-up of residues over time. (Does anyone know a service center? 🥺) Consequently, these lead to higher water consumption, a wastage we don’t want at a time when this resource is increasingly becoming finite. 

And despite all of these, we might not be able to get rid of our nemesis anyway – stubborn stains – especially when only washed in a single cycle.

Is there hope?

Here’s one: Consider Surf Ultra Power Liquid on your next wash day! It’s Surf’s own liquid detergent, formulated to (em)power the way we do laundry.

For as low as P6 SRP, you can enjoy twice the nuot-linis (thorough cleansing) capability of liquid detergents versus powder detergents. That means effective whitening and cleaning for your clothes, making them fresher and ready to be shown off on your next socially-distanced lakad (outdoor activities) without breaking the bank.

You’ll also have more fragrant wear, which, let’s admit, is always of utmost importance! Since liquid detergents dissolve better than powder detergents, there’s a better chance that your clothes will be washed evenly. Best of all, there’s no need to fear having those annoying residues pop up on your favorite outfits later on.

Wais (great) laundry quality means making wais (worthy) use of your time. Now, you can feel at ease with leaving your washing machine to spin while you get through your professional or parental duties, confident that every fiber of your laundry isn’t compromised by being washed hurriedly. We have no time for frills, right?

Get the Surf Ultra Power Liquid now from your nearest store for only P6 SRP per sachet! It’s available in Rose Fresh and Cherry Blossom variants, giving your clothes that subtle floral fragrance. You may also purchase online via Shopee, Lazada, and U-store in bigger sizes: 900ml and 2.5L sizes, respectively. – Rappler.com