Summit, GreenEarth team up on Bulacan reforestation effort

Summit, GreenEarth team up on Bulacan reforestation effort
About 200,000 seedlings will benefit from this partnership

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This 2022, Summit Natural Drinking Water partners with GreenEarth Heritage Foundation in creating a more sustainable environment through reforestation. Now, protecting our surroundings becomes accessible when you buy Summit bottles; each one will be used to provide irrigation for the 200,000 seedlings planted in San Miguel, Bulacan.

GreenEarth Heritage Foundation’s advocacy for sustainability

The GreenEarth Heritage Foundation is a burgeoning reforestation site with a mission to preserve the environment, adhere to sound and sustainable agricultural practices, and help in the alleviation of poverty through livelihood, education, and community development. Their land, stretching over 100 hectares, provides the potential to serve as an important food basket for the growing urban metropolis. Some of their goals include environmental restoration, livelihood opportunities, and even education.

Summit’s efforts in partnership with GreenEarth Heritage Foundation

Summit is helping GreenEarth achieve its vision of building a model eco-farming community on their donated land. With about 200,000 seedlings that need proper irrigation, Summit found a way to help them grow by using PET bottles as manual tools. 

MANUAL IRRIGATION. Summit’s PET bottles will be used for an alternative irrigation system on GreenEarth’s plantation.

These Summit PET bottles will be maximized throughout the entire process: to gather water from the nearby rivers, to be pricked until droplets come out, and to be placed beside seedlings to provide water for three days to a week. These bottles also take years before decomposing, making it possible to use them for a long period of time.

Creating a better, sustainable environment with Summit

You can also be one with Summit and GreenEarth Heritage Foundation’s vision – all it takes is a purchase of a Summit bottle! By buying, you will help Summit donate PET bottles for the seedlings’ irrigation needs. Moreover, you could also support indigent farming families, whose hopes for a brighter future depend on GreenEarth’s mission and programs.

GREENER FUTURE. About 200,000 seedlings will benefit from Summit’s partnership with GreenEarth Heritage Foundation.

No effort is too small when it comes to making the world a better place. Summit Natural Drinking Water has always carved partnerships that support meaningful advocacies towards a better, healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle for Filipinos. Join us in building a greener world for future generations, one drink at a time. – Rappler.com