#CheckThisOut: Valentine’s day gift ideas for your partner who loves coffee

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#CheckThisOut: Valentine’s day gift ideas for your partner who loves coffee
Coffee may be their first love, but don't worry, you're a close second

Editor’s note: Some finds are simply too good not to share. Let us guide you on some of the best deals out there. Before you check that cart out, be sure to #CheckThisOut🛒. Our articles contain affiliate links from our partners. We earn a small commission when you shop using these links.

If you want to graduate from giving coffee shop gift certificates to your SO who loves coffee (a little too much), nothing says “I love you” more than taking a closer interest in their admiration for the drink.

Coffee is just so addictive, especially when you discover all the different bean and roasting varieties, and all the methods you can do to create your own ideal cup of joe. And the great thing is that there are lots of beans and tools you can buy online to help your partner on their coffee journey.

With these gift ideas, you can give them a hand at finding their ideal blend or even new flavor notes to enjoy.

Little Farmers Coffee

There are lots of good beans you can find in supermarkets, but if you want to support local coffee growers, Little Farmers Coffee sources their beans from Filipino farmers. They have different kinds of beans in different roasts. If you want to try their coffees first, they have kiosks in various malls where you can buy a fresh cup or have them grind you a fresh batch of roasted beans. But if you want to buy online instead, you can place an order through Shopee. My personal favorites are their Kalinga blend and Hazelnut infused coffee.

DUBRIA HONEY by Just Got Roasted Coffee Co.

Like fruity coffee? Dubria Honey is a blend by Just Got Roasted Coffee Co. and has notes of mango, tamarind, pineapple, and brown sugar. And yes, the beans are grown locally too – Davao del Sur to be exact!

Chemex set with paper and reusable filters

If your partner is over conventional drip coffee machines, hand-brewing coffee might be something they’ll be interested in picking up. My personal favorite brewing method is pour over by using a Chemex. A Chemex is a conical glass flask where a paper filter is placed on top. You let the coffee “bloom” by saturating the coffee grounds with hot water for a few seconds before slowly pouring the rest of the water in a spiral motion, making sure you’re extracting the flavors by soaking all of the coffee. If done right, you get a clean-tasting cup of coffee each time!

This set from Lazada includes a gooseneck kettle to make pouring easier, plus a reusable stainless steel filter if you want to cut down on waste.

French Press

While a Chemex is great for those who like clean and light-tasting coffee, a French Press would offer you a darker and deeper brew. If you or your partner likes coffee na sobrang tapang, kaya kang ipag-laban, then this might be the right one for you. Plus, French presses are fairly easy to use and clean and don’t use up as many contraptions as the Chemex method does.

Siphon coffee maker

If you want to be more technical in the brewing process and appreciate some steampunk / chemist aesthetics, a siphon coffee maker can supposedly extract the purest flavors of coffee without making it bitter. The key is that coffee grinds aren’t boiled in the water. Instead, flavors are extracted through a process of immersion, vacuum, and filtration. If you think your SO would enjoy this, here’s a set you can buy online.

Hoba Portable Reusable Coffee Dripper

We’ve all been there – you’re stuck in some place (maybe the office or visiting relatives), and didn’t want to bring your favorite coffee because then you’d have to bring all your brewing doodads with you, so you tolerate whatever drink you can get. Well, what if you had a portable way of dripping your own coffee? That’s what this portable dripper is for.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

So far, we’ve listed down suggestions for hot drinks. Sure, you can add some ice after you hand brew, but what about gifts for cold brew lovers? This one’s for you. This tower has a filter built inside, so all you have to do is add your ground coffee and let it steep overnight, then voila – a fresh glass of cold brew coffee made from your favorite beans.

Moka pot

Unlike drips and pour overs, moka pots produce an espresso instead of your conventional brewed coffee. The big difference between coffee and espresso is that espresso is more concentrated, and good espresso usually has a layer of crema or the creamy froth that sits on top of a freshly made espresso shot. Yes, you can make espresso from regular coffee grounds, and there are also roasts made specifically for espresso.

A moka pot is one of the most accessible ways of making espresso. It’s cheaper than buying a machine, and you can get good results too.

HiBREW Express Espresso Coffee Machine

If you have the money (and counter space) for a full-blown espresso machine though, you can do that too! A full-blown espresso machine can help you make more cups at a time and get better results if properly calibrated. Plus, it’s fun to have a fancy schmancy machine at home and pretend you’re your own barista.

Nespresso® Essenza Mini Coffee Maker

An espresso machine is great, but there’s so much to do before you can get a cup. Plus, it takes so much space! A more convenient alternative is getting these machines that use pods or capsules for their drinks. One of the most popular machines available in the market is Nespresso®. Their smaller machines can make you a great shot of espresso, and all you really have to do is load a pod and click a button.

The problem with pods, however, is that they produce so much waste. The good thing with Nespresso® is that they use recyclable aluminum pods. Just make sure you return used pods so they can be reprocessed and reused.

B Coffee Co. Freshman Starter Gift Set

If Nespresso® is too expensive but you still want their recyclable pods, here’s a hack: Get a machine that is compatible with their pods instead. An example is the Freshman machine from B Coffee Co. This machine produces similar results to other espresso machines but for a fraction of the price!

B Coffee Co. also produces its own delicious set of pods but are packaged in plastic.

There’s so much more coffee-related gadgets and doodads to gift your coffee-loving lover. Get the right one, and who knows – you might take the top spot in your SO’s heart or fall in love with coffee making yourself. – Rappler.com

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