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Surprise! Ma Dong-seok, Ye Jung-hwa are married

Surprise! Ma Dong-seok, Ye Jung-hwa are married

COUPLE. The two Korean stars have been married since 2021.

Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jung-hwa's Instagram pages

'Train To Busan' star Ma Dong-seok and actress Ye Jung-hwa belatedly announce that they have been married since 2021

MANILA, Philippines – South Korean celebrity couple, actor Ma Dong-seok and actress Ye Jung-hwa, belatedly announced that they have been married since 2021!

According to a Soompi report, Dong-seok spilled the beans during his acceptance speech at the 12th Beautiful Artist Awards on Thursday, October 20.

After winning the Film Artist Award, he said: “Thank you to my The Outlaws 2 colleagues, as well as my family and my wife Ye Jung-hwa, whom I love.”

Dong-seok’s agency Big Punch Entertainment later on confirmed his statement that the couple had registered their marriage in 2021 without a public ceremony, after six years of dating.

Dong-seok and Jung-hwa, who are from the same agency, confirmed their relationship in November 2016.

Dong-seok is a Korean-American actor known for his tough guy roles in Train to Busan, Derailed, The Bros, The Outlaws, and in series Bad Guys and Squad 38, among many other titles. He made his Hollywood debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film The Eternals as Gilgamesh.

Ye Jung-hwa also appeared in The Outlaws, where she played an airport staff member. She also had a role in 2018’s The Soul-Mate, as well as in dramas Girls’ Love Story, Thumping Spike 2, and We Are Peaceful Brothers. Rappler.com

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