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Cutting across genres: 10 up-and-coming OPM acts you should add to your playlist

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Cutting across genres: 10 up-and-coming OPM acts you should add to your playlist

Offshore Music's newly signed artists.

From R&B to rock, Japanese city pop, and more, Offshore Music’s newly signed artists all add a distinct flair to their songs that makes them worth listening to

MANILA, Philippines — Helmed by famed Filipino musician Ely Buendia, Offshore Music treated OPM listeners to the launch of its 10 newly signed artists from all around the country. With the help of General Luna’s Audry Dionisio and Oh Flamingo!’s Pat Sarabia, the indie record label handpicked the most promising Filipino music acts to add to its existing roster of talented musicians. 

From R&B to rock to Japanese city pop and more, Offshore Music’s newly signed artists all add a distinct flair to their songs that makes them worth listening to. Whether you’re “feeling restless, sexy, or extra,” here is a list of the label’s up and coming OPM acts you should add to your playlist:


Hailing from Cagayan de Oro, CRISHA puts a soulful spin on the classic R&B we know and love. As she belts out her deepest thoughts on romance, mental struggles, and spiritual hardships, anyone is bound to find something to resonate with in her music. But even if they can’t relate to the pictures she paints in her songs, listeners can still enjoy CRISHA’s flexible vocal range combined with jazzy elements and funky beats. 

CRISHA’s newest single is set for a November 17 release. Until then, you can stream her songs “Xxtra” and “Vino” on Spotify. 


ALYSON is a five-piece band whose sound is described by its members as Japanese city pop-esque music from the late ’70s to ’80s. With hits like “Feels so Good,” “Kiliti,” and “Hinihintay Ka Lang,” ALYSON’s tunes are always sure to invoke waves of harana-worthy nostalgia in every listener. The band even wears its signature classic getup to almost every performance. So, the next time you’re at a local gig and you see a group of men donning matching beige suits and neckties, you already know you’re about to be treated to a fun night of groovy music. 

The band just released its newest eight-track album DEFINITELY LOVE! this July, so be sure to give it a listen. 

Her Name is Noelle

Her Name is Noelle’s music is where rock meets words often left unspoken. It’s through her captivating guitar riffs, edgy vocals, and candid lyrics that she is able to best express the intense emotions that come with the struggles she braves. 

While Her Name is Noelle began writing songs in 2015, it was only in 2021 when she got to share her penchant for making music to the public through her debut track “Vulnerability.” With her self-titled EP being released almost two years ago, listeners can finally expect new music from the budding Offshore Music artist on November 10. 


Behind JDRX’s tough exterior actually lies a sweet voice that can carry the softest, melt-in-your-ear melodies. He describes his sound as “low-key R&B,” as he retains his regular singing voice in all his tracks but likes to throw in the genre’s signature blues and head-bobbing beats here and there. 

Before officially becoming a recording artist, the multi-talented singer and producer’s music career was born out of his love for posting song covers on YouTube and Facebook. In 2022, JDRX managed to produce a total of 19 tracks. Within the walls of his bedroom, he created his Bedroom Tapes EP, his full-length album The After Party Pill, and four singles.  

But JDRX is far from finished. Having signed with Offshore Music, he’s just getting started. While his newest single is slated for a November 10 release, his other songs are already available to stream on Spotify


Formed in 2016 with the goal of answering the question, “Where does this path end?” Amateurish fosters human connection through its music. The Baguio-based indie rock band doesn’t seem to have a specific audience in mind. From procrastinators struggling with impostor syndrome in “Indigo” to our everyday heroes who dared to dream in “No Cape,” all Amateurish knows is that its music can capture any curious mind brave enough to jump into new things. 

“The members share the same curiosity on how far they could all grow as musicians and people. We all came from different bands as sessionists and such and it was time to step out of our comfort zones,” the band told Rappler. 

Staying true to their word, Amateurish’s music has the ability to touch anybody that happens to stumble upon it – daily commuters hoping to finally get past the traffic jam they’ve been stuck in for the past hour, office workers just trying to get through a long day, or even students struggling to keep up with their piling tasks. 


Breē is the band to look out for no matter what your current mood is. While the indie-folk band has taken to describing its own music as “an acquired taste,” the five-piece collective has a song for practically any listener. 

“What we always say is that for whatever life state you are in, there is a [song] from Breē that would resonate with you. So if you’re feeling anxious, stressed out, [or] you just want to drive around, you can listen to Breē,” drummer Paul Cruz told Rappler. 

Breē’s newest single “Sweet” is a testament to Cruz’s last statement. Mellow vocal techniques, the electric strum of the guitars complimenting the beat of the drums, and even the song’s looping visuals on Spotify make it a track worth playing over and over again on a lengthy road trip. 

Mt. Lewis

Mt. Lewis is an Angeles-based five-piece band formed in 2017 during the members’ college days. As they look up to artists like Prince, Michael Jackson, John Mayer, and PREP, they put funk, soul, and jazz at the heart of their music. 

Even though the jazzy synths of the keys, the groovy guitars, and the frontman’s powerful vocals already say enough about the remarkability of Mt. Lewis’ music, the band levels this up even further by ensuring that their lyrics are always relevant to their listeners in one way or another. Broken? In love? Yearning? Healing from heartbreak? Whatever you’re feeling, Mt. Lewis likely already has a song for you. 

To date, the band has released four singles on Spotify – each of them telling a different story. Their latest track, “Arsonista,” just dropped in April. 

Ligaya Escueta

When Ligaya Escueta stepped into the local music scene, she made sure to match the powerful strums of her guitar with her grunge vocals. Her music perfectly captures the woes of a teenager growing up in the pandemic lockdown era – isolation, the uncertainty of things ever getting better, and the lingering hope that brighter days are ahead. 

The 16-year-old singer released her seven-track album Laughing In Milk in July 2022. Just recently, she dropped her latest single “Novelty,” reminiscent of the music that belongs in a 2000s coming of age film. 

Elton Clark

Looking for music that feels like a warm hug on a bad day? You might want to consider adding Elton Clark’s tracks to your playlist. The young artist has found music to be an outlet to share his personal struggles that anyone can relate to. As he weaves these stories together through his strong and soulful vocals, he hopes to provide comfort to his listeners. 

With his latest single “Wait Lang,” Elton Clark reminds you that it’s okay to take breaks every once in a while.


With his all-lowercase stage name and meme-worthy artist profile photo on Spotify, neytan is unapologetically quirky. But don’t be fooled by his carefree demeanor. While neytan likes to keep things lighthearted, he draws inspiration from chill alt-pop songs whose hard-hitting lyrics are masked behind fun instrumentals. 

His most recent release “YUMBURGER” strikes a chord with romantics yearning for a specific person, but being plagued with unshakable doubts in the process. The song even goes from simple admiration through the lyrics, “If you were the sun in my life, I’d stare at you until I go blind,” to admitted uneasiness – “I’m in a constant shaking state, yet don’t wanna treat you like medicine.” –

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