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Rappler Talk Entertainment: ‘Viral Scandal’ stars Charlie Dizon and Jameson Blake

We chat with Charlie and Jameson about 'Viral Scandal,' a new series that deals with toxic internet culture

What would you do if a scandalous video of you had gone viral? And what if you were innocent – and the footage millions of people have already seen is not what it seems?

In ABS-CBN’s latest series Viral Scandal, this is the problem main character Rica has to face, and what’s worse, it seems very powerful people are involved. Rica is played by award-winning actress Charlie Dizon, best known for her starring role in 2020’s Fan Girl. Also in the cast is Jameson Blake, who plays the role of Axel Mateo, a senior architect and managing partner in the firm Rica is an apprentice in.

In this latest episode of Rappler Talk Entertainment, entertainment editor Marguerite de Leon chats with Charlie and Jameson about taking on their challenging roles, how they feel about today’s internet culture, and what it’s like to film a show under lockdown.

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