Rodrigo Duterte

Southeast Asia Speaks: Political scientist Mark Thompson on the Philippines under Duterte

What should the public watch out for during President Rodrigo Duterte's final year in office? Catch the interview live on Wednesday, June 30.

President Rodrigo Duterte enters his final year in office still surrounded by high-profile controversies – from the high number of deaths under his war on drugs, to the problematic handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

And yet, he remains to be a popular leader.

On Wednesday, June 30, Rappler editor-at-large Marites Vitug speaks to political scientist Mark Thompson about the past five years under Duterte and what the final year may have in store for the President.

Thompson is a professor of politics at the City University of Hong Kong and director of the university’s Southeast Asia Research Center. His research interests include democracy, authoritarianism, and political dynasties in Asia.

Catch the interview live at 11:30 am on Wednesday. –

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