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Voices from the Regions: LGBTQ+ in media
Voices from the Regions: LGBTQ+ in media
Tune in on Friday June 3, at 7 pm, for Rappler's special Pride Month Voices from the Regions episode

CEBU, Philippines – June is Pride Month.

The annual event celebrates the achievements and recognizes the struggle and aspirations of the LGBTQ+ community around the world.

Here in the Philippines, the experiences of queer people in the urban centers can be vastly different from those in the provinces. Especially in the more rural parts of the Philippines, those who don’t conform to conservative gender and sexual orientations have been harassed, attacked, and even killed.

On this episode of Voices from the Regions, Rappler Visayas Coordinator Ryan Macasero speaks to LGBTQ+ storytellers in regional media.

Joining the conversation is Joey Marzan, a reporter with the Daily Guardian and an awardee of Rappler’s Aries Rufo Journalism Fellowship; Inquirer correspondent Kaye Brier; and Rhadem Musawah, a documentary filmmaker from Zamboanga. –

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