All the things you can do at the Tivoli Royale Country Club

Julian Cirineo
All the things you can do at the Tivoli Royale Country Club
From fine dining to badminton – you'll never run out of things to try at this Quezon City country club

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Greeted by the sound of rustling leaves and swaying branches as we stepped onto the country club, it felt like we were transported outside of Metro Manila and into some remote and posh location. All of a sudden, towering skyscrapers and traffic disappeared. We forget that we are in fact in the middle of Quezon City and not Tagaytay or Tanay. Immediately we think to ourselves, “This is going to be a good day.”

Finding spots like this in the metro isn’t easy. People usually find respite from the busy streets of Metro Manila in closed-off spaces like hotels or bars, anywhere with good air conditioning and soundproofing to block out the rest of the city. But the Tivoli Royale Country Club offers you something you’d normally find from places that are a few hours away.

“I myself was surprised when I got here because coming in from the busy thoroughfare of Commonwealth, you make a right at the corner of a mall and you pass through a couple of villages before you get here, and when you enter you see that suddenly the terrain changes, it’s become hilly, the streets are wide compared to the subdivisions that you passed through because the lots are bigger cuts. And lo and behold, this is the highest point of this side of Batasan Hills facing the Sierra Madre,” shared Eric Mananquil, Tivoli Royale Country Club’s development consultant.

The club was built in the ‘90s. About three years ago though, they decided to renovate and rejuvenate the property, make it more PWD-friendly, and finally reopened their doors to guests just over a year ago.

Sitting at the highest peak of Batasan Hills in Quezon City, it gives guests uninterrupted views of the Sierra Madre mountain range, including views of the Marikina valley, Montalban, and Antipolo. The property’s enclosed layout and Italian-inspired architecture also help create an intimate experience despite the largeness of the space.

But the views and fresh air are just part of the experience. As a multi-level leisure and recreational facility, the Tivoli Royale Country Club offers all kinds of activities – whether you’re looking for a place to get pampered, dine in style, play some sports or games with the family, or simply touch some grass.

Inviting swimming pools

Fresh air is what welcomed us as we walked towards the club, but what drew our attention were the large pools and a jacuzzi a few levels down from the lobby. A country club wouldn’t be complete without a pool, and the waters were definitely enticing. If it weren’t for the cool weather when we visited, we would definitely have jumped at the chance to take a quick swim.

Tivoli has two pools – one for adults, and one for kids. It also has a hot tub on the side. And if you like to have drinks as you wade through the water, they also have a poolside bar where you can grab a mocktail while in the water.

A court for every sport

The property is expansive enough to house several facilities without it feeling crowded, and there’s a court for some of the most popular sports in the Philippines. There’s a tennis court at one of the roof decks that can also be turned into a basketball court. There’s also an indoor court for badminton players.

If you or your kids want to try golfing, the Tivoli Royale Country Club has a golf academy with a certified instructor to help you practice your swings at the two-level driving range or putting at their pitch n’ putt course.

One sport the group is definitely excited about is pickleball, which is an indoor paddle sport similar to ping-pong and table tennis.

There are also shooting ranges for gun or airsoft enthusiasts.

Self-care and pampering opportunities

Been wanting to hit the gym? The country club has a fully-equipped gym as well as coaches that can help you determine which workouts could benefit you, and how to do them properly. There’s also a yoga studio for yogi members of the club.

And after you work up a sweat playing sports or exercising, the Tivoli Royale Country Club also has a spa, a salon, and an in-house dermatologist.

The game room

If you like playing games together with your family or friends, then you’ll definitely have a blast at the country club’s game room. First, there are loads of vintage arcade games you can play which really got us excited. There are air hockey, shooter, and fighting arcade games, and other consoles as well. There’s also a four-lane bowling alley, plus a billiards room with three pool tables.

And of course, the game room also has a snack bar in case anyone gets the munchies.

From quick snacks to fine dining

Perhaps what excited us the most is how Tivoli Royale Country Club houses four different F&B outlets, offering members and their guests’ different options for dining. There’s the Grid Sports Bar, the Royal Lounge, the Baia Pool Bar, and the Grand Royale Cuisine.

The whole shebang is run by executive chef Jonnel Roxas whose passion for food and the Tivoli dining experience was definitely infectious.

He talked us through their “Eat Up, Shape Up” specialties for 2023, where they explore different food trends for the year. First is introducing new plant-based meals into their menu, including a three-mushroom open-faced sandwich. The sandwich also plays into another trend, which is using mushrooms as an alternative source of protein.

Chef Jonnel also thinks tamarind will be big this year, which is why he came up with tofu and stir-fried vegetable dish served with tamarind sauce and chili garlic on the side.

Nostalgia is also something he wants to explore, so apart from mixing chili garlic with his tofu dish, he also started serving atchara on the side of his chicken satay and nasi goreng dish. His pan-grilled salmon with apple salad is also something he says will be nostalgic for Filipino diners.

And lastly, for drinks, he says more people are ordering mocktails these days, so they have non-alcoholic options for those who are more health-conscious but still enjoy drinking and socializing. For this, they have created a dragon fruit smoothie and their special signature smoothie with acai berries.

When asked how they came up with the new offerings, Chef Jonnel shared that they feel like customers will enjoy dishes that are simpler and familiar. “Make it as simple as you can, name it as simple as you can na maiintindihan agad ng tao (so people will understand right away). Very straightforward. But it should not be an excuse to compromise the quality [of the food].”

Getting access to the country club

Not everyone can walk in and enjoy the club. You need to sign up first and become a member (by renting play rights from the property). And the annual sign-up fee of P25,000 with P2,500 monthly dues is a value-for-money investment because of the perks and multitude of facilities you get access to including the pools, courts, and other facilities. You can also bring in an unlimited number of guests and endorse them for discounted rates.

And considering how exclusive and private the property feels, and how you’re not running into crowds of people, that fee definitely feels like it’s worth it. Check out what else they have to offer and how to sign up at https://tivoliroyalecountryclub.com/, and follow Faceboook and Instagram for regular updates. – Rappler.com

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Tivoli Royale Country Club

Tivoli Royale Country Club is Quezon City’s newest modern country club with 5 floors for sports & recreation, and events facilities. It also houses four food & beverage outlets, serving Filipino and international dishes. The location offers relaxing views of nature amid brand new and exciting amenities including gym and family pool that are perfect for young professionals and active families.