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Be The Good: PAREX and reimagining Pasig River
Be The Good: PAREX and reimagining Pasig River
What's the right way to revitalize and make proper use of Pasig River for the benefit of communities? We interview advocates opposing PAREX on March 22.

MANILA, Philippines – Environmentalists, active transport advocates, and heritage conservationists celebrated the apparent cancellation of the Pasig River Expressway (PAREX) as a win for communities threatened by the project.

But what’s next after San Miguel Corporation president Ramon Ang’s announcement? What other government projects could affect Pasig River, Metro Manila’s most iconic waterway?

Rappler community lead Pia Ranada talks to two advocates who fought PAREX alongside communities: Joven Jacolbia of Ilog Pasiglahin, and Rigel Magcale, an urban planner.

Ilog Pasiglahin is a group pushing for the sustainable revitalization of Pasig River. Learn more about their advocacy and how they think rivers in Philippine cities should be developed.

Catch the conversation at 7 pm on Friday, March 22, on this page and Rappler’s YouTube and social media pages.

This is the first episode of a special series of Be The Good called Let’s Talk Liveability that will focus on efforts to improve the quality of life in Philippine cities in the aspects of transportation and mobility, green and open spaces, access to basic services, heritage conservation, disaster resilience, and local economy.

The series is part of Make Manila Liveable, a collaboration between Rappler and civil society groups pushing for liveability in cities. Learn more about the movement here. –

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