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Be The Good: Leo Laparan II on standing up for campus press freedom
Be The Good: Leo Laparan II on standing up for campus press freedom
Catch this interview with journalist Leo Laparan II about the TomasinoWeb photo takedown and the challenges facing campus journalism

MANILA, Philippines – When the University of Santo Tomas (UST) decided to pressure its students’ digital media organization TomasinoWeb to take down one of its photos from Facebook, TomasinoWeb’s publications adviser Leo Laparan II drew a line. He called the action a “clear illustration of censorship” and stepped down from his post.

Laparan, a journalism lecturer at the university and a working journalist, is our guest in the latest episode of Be The Good, Rappler’s show about people on a mission.

Rappler community lead Pia Ranada asks Laparan about how the takedown of the photo unfolded behind-the-scenes, what he thinks of the Campus Journalism Act of 1991, and why he felt it was important to stand up for UST students’ freedoms. (READ: Thomasian student activist receives show-cause letter from UST administration)

Rappler digital communications specialist Tricia Kahanap provides an overview of how the online conversations about the TomasinoWeb photo takedown have developed and how far the issue has gotten both online and offline, among students, journalists, and beyond.

Catch the interview at 7 pm on Friday, February 23, on this page and on Rappler’s YouTube and Facebook pages. –

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