‘Pinoy Aquaman’ Ingemar Macarine conquers Masbate channel

‘Pinoy Aquaman’ Ingemar Macarine conquers Masbate channel
The endurance swimmer becomes the first person to swim across Masbate channel, known for its strong currents

Surigao-born lawyer and endurance swimmer Ingemar Macarine, also known as the “Pinoy Aquaman,” made history on June 24 by becoming the first person to swim across the Masbate channel, which is known for its strong currents. 

He swam across a vital route for vessels, spanning a distance of 10.5 kilometers from Bugtong Island in Pio V. Corpus to Matayum village in Cataingan town, Masbate. 

Despite the challenging conditions, Macarine successfully completed the swim in four hours and 22 minutes, marking his 37th unassisted open water swim achievement.

In this candid interview, Macarine tells Rappler the challenges he faced during his Masbate swim and others before that, and how his perseverance paid off.

Aside from his personal accomplishments, the Bohol prosecutor speaks about his lifelong advocacy for cleaner seas, tourism, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Macarine’s latest record-breaking swim solidifies his reputation as one of the Philippines’ most accomplished endurance swimmers, inspiring others with his determination and love for the sport.

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