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Bamban Mayor Alice Guo owns at least 12 vehicles | The wRap
Bamban Mayor Alice Guo owns at least 12 vehicles | The wRap
Today's headlines: Alice Guo, Ex-Wescom chief, Singapore Airlines flight

Here are today’s headlines – the latest news in the Philippines and around the world:

LTO documents obtained by Rappler show that Bamban Mayor Alice Guo – who describes herself as a simple citizen from a 2nd-class municipality – has at least 12 vehicles registered to her name.

Bamban Mayor Alice Guo tries to explain her inability to recall her past. She says she was too embarrassed to reveal her mother’s work in the Senate hearing.

Former Western Command chief Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos tells the Senate he ‘did not enter into any secret deals’ in a call with a Chinese military attaché named ‘Colonel Li.’

Ireland is set to recognize Palestine as a state. Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris says Wednesday, May 22, Norway and Spain are following suit.

More than 140 passengers and crew from a Singapore Airlines flight hit by heavy turbulence that left dozens injured and one dead reach Singapore Wednesday morning, May 22, after an emergency landing in Bangkok. –

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