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Inside the Industry x Kumu: Hybrid kitchens and holiday dining with Mercato

The founders of Mercato tell us what it's like to bring food markets online and ready for the holidays

Since it launched its first night market in 2011, Mercato has been a metropolitan staple for foodies in Manila. As with the majority of the food and beverage businesses featured on our show, Mercato has adapted and diversified, launching its first physical store and cloud kitchen earlier this year.

Dubbed the Mercato United Kitchen, the space offers takeout and delivery from a wide selection of brands ranging from Zubuchon to The Cheesecake Factory. This “hybrid kitchen” setup, which adopts the advantages of remote cloud kitchens, seems to be the most viable route for a group whose main business was to provide a space for food businesses.

Mercato isn’t stopping there, however. Continuing down the digital rabbit hole, they are also in the process of releasing their brand new app. In this episode, Mercato founders RJ and Vanessa Ledesma tell us what it’s like to bring food markets online and ready for the holidays.

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