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Newsbreak Chats: Untangling the mystery of Alice Guo
Newsbreak Chats: Untangling the mystery of Alice Guo
If Alice Guo's identity is a lie, how has she been able to get away with it for so long?

MANILA, Philippines – Everything about Alice Guo seems to be straight out of a Filipino teleserye (television drama series).

The mayor of Bamban, Tarlac claimed to be the love child of a Chinese man and a Filipina who worked as his house help. She also said she grew up in a farm, was homeschooled, and led a simple life.

But the more that Guo opens her mouth, the more her story becomes complicated as Senate hearings continue to bare inconsistencies and irregularities in her testimonies, including those related to her birth certificate and lifestyle.

On Thursday, May 30, Rappler managing editor Miriam Grace Go sits down with multimedia reporters Bonz Magsambol and Bea Cupin, and Luzon correspondent Joann Manabat to discuss the mystery that is Alice Guo’s identity and her place in the bigger issue of national security.

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