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Quiboloy’s firearms licenses revoked | The wRap

Quiboloy’s firearms licenses revoked | The wRap
Today’s headlines: Apollo Quiboloy, Harvey Weinstein, Banksy in BGC

Here are today’s headlines – the latest news in the Philippines and around the world:

The Philippine National Police revokes the firearms licenses of embattled doomsday preacher Apollo Quiboloy. A Rappler investigation discovered Quiboloy has at least 19 firearms with an estimated value of about P2.3 million.

The so-called Filipino resilience undergoes a stress test as scorching weather hits the country with elevated heat index levels. It typically soars during the Philippines’ warm and dry season from March to May.

The New York Court of Appeals overturns Harvey Weinstein’s 2020 conviction for sexual assault and rape Thursday, April 25. In a 4-3 decision, the Court says the remedy for the errors is a new trial.

HYBE’s shares take a hit as the CEO of NewJeans’ label ADOR denies leading plans to go independent. Earlier this week, HYBE launched an internal probe, accusing Min of breach of trust.

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila confirms its upcoming Banksy Universe exhibit is ‘not authorized or endorsed’ by the graffiti artist himself. The museum says the exhibit will feature over a hundred of Banksy’s works. – Rappler.com

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