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Duterte foreign policy, Anti-Distracted Driving Act, Mike Pence | Evening wRap

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The Senate committee report recommends increase the penalty for witnesses who commit ...

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Lascañas' DDS claims 'flooded with loopholes' – Senate committee

With the Senate passing its own version in March, the bill seeking to provide free ...

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Bill granting free tuition in state colleges hurdles House

Almost 4,000 new lawyers told to 'arm yourselves well with idealism tempered by wisdom; ...

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IN PHOTOS: New lawyers take oath of 'courage and integrity'

The bill extending the validity of driver’s license to 5 years is one step closer to ...

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House approves bill on 5-year driver's license

Ibon Foundation launches #CASERgoals, a campaign to promote public awareness on talks to ...

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CASER what? Campaign to promote PH-NDF talks launched

All official maps and charts of the Philippines will now use the name 'Philippine Rise' ...

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'Philippine Rise': Duterte signs EO renaming Benham Rise

According to Ombudsman prosecutors, Napoles' grounds tackle the very meat of her plunder ...

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Ombudsman blocks Napoles' bail appeal at SC

House committee on cooperative development chairperson Rico Geron says he will oppose the ...

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Higher loan interest rates if VAT exemptions for coops lifted – lawmaker

Here for a fact-finding mission, members of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Committee on ...

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Foreign lawmakers visit PH to check on De Lima case