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Ano’ng fandom mo? A beginner’s guide to Filipino artists’ fandom names

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Ano’ng fandom mo? A beginner’s guide to Filipino artists’ fandom names
Liwanag, A'TIN, o Bloom ka ba?

Heard of the terms “Sharonians,” “Vilmanians,” and “Noranians?” Back then, it was easy to identify which artists someone was a fan of based on how they called themselves. Sharonians were fans of Sharon Cuneta, Vilmanians were fans of Vilma Santos, and Noranians were fans of Nora Aunor. 

Such is the case with fans of Filipino love teams, too. Just add an “s.” KathNiels, JaDines, LizQuens – or in some pairings, the combination of the artists’ names are followed by a description, such as AlDub Nation or DonBelle Bubblies. 

But things have started changing recently. If you’re familiar with K-pop acts, the concept of having a unique fandom name is no longer new. We’re aware of how ARMYs are fans of BTS, BLACKJACKs are fans of 2NE1, ELFs of Super Junior, CARATs of SEVENTEEN, and so on. 

This concept of having a unique fandom name has now been adapted by several Filipino acts as well. 

And for those who might come across a fandom name for the first time, you might have a hard time identifying which act they’re supporting, and may even be surprised to learn the stories behind these fandom names. That’s why we prepared this beginner’s guide!


The Filipino folk-pop band call their fans “Liwanag.” Initially, “Lights” was their original fandom name – drawing inspiration from their studio album Limasawa Street. However, some pointed out that “Lights” is already an existing fandom name for K-pop group HIGHLIGHT. 

The band then changed their fandom name to “Liwanag,” as a way to honor their Filipino heritage. 

Following the announcement, Ben&Ben also opened an official social media account for its fandom. “We are Liwanag. From our archipelago, brightness will emanate,” they said. 


Fans of P-pop powerhouse SB19 are known as A’TIN, which is pronounced as “eighteen.” In their video announcement, the group explained that, just like how 18 comes before 19, their fans also come before them. “If there’s no A’TIN, there is no SB19,” they said. 

A’TIN can also be translated as “Ours” in English, which the members said implies that their success is meant to be shared with their fans. 

Ano’ng fandom mo? A beginner’s guide to Filipino artists’ fandom names

Filipino idol girl group MNL48 call their fans MNLove (or MNLoves). 

Generally, their other 48G sister groups’ fandoms are called “Wota,” a term used for someone who is a fan of an idol or idol groups. 

However, for MNL48, the term MNLoves is meant for their specific fandom. It was believed to come from the phrase “i’M iN Love,” and was first used by Sheki, MNL48’s first center.

4th Impact

Filipino girl group 4th Impact have been calling their supporters “Dreamers” since they joined the song competition The X Factor UK. The members, who are all sisters, have been vocal about how they didn’t give up pursuing their dream of finding success in the music business.

Ano’ng fandom mo? A beginner’s guide to Filipino artists’ fandom names

If you’re a fan of P-pop girl group BINI, then you can call yourself a “BLOOM.” Stylized as BLM, the infinity sign is meant to represent the group’s official hand sign, the number of members, and their chant of “Walo hanggang dulo (Eight until the end).” 

BINI had asked their fans for suggestions for their fandom name, and out of all the entries, the members agreed that “BLOOM” was the most fitting for them. According to the fan who suggested it, “BLOOM” is meant to be a reminder of BINI’s story and journey, and also signals the beginning of springtime. 

“I find it very witty and it sounds nice,” BINI Sheena said during the fandom name reveal. 


In a live kumu broadcast, P-pop boy group BGYO revealed that their fandom name is “ACEs.” “ACEs” was unanimously chosen by the five members among the suggestions from their fans. 

The members said that out of all the entries, they picked ACEs because they are happy being referred to as the “ACEs of P-pop,” and that the term will serve as their reminder to continue to do better so that they could live up to the name.

Ano’ng fandom mo? A beginner’s guide to Filipino artists’ fandom names

ALAMAT, the P-pop boy group known for using different Filipino languages in their songs, chose “Magiliw” as their official fandom name because they wanted something to be proudly Pinoy. “Gusto namin maging Pinoy na Pinoy, (We wanted something truly Pinoy)they said during the live reveal. 

According to the group, being magiliw means being affectionate, and they want to portray that in their craft. “Gusto natin maging magiliw sa kapwa nating tao, ano man ang kulay ng balat o pinanggalingan nila,” they said. (We want to be kind to anyone regardless of their skin color and where they come from.) 

Ano’ng fandom mo? A beginner’s guide to Filipino artists’ fandom names

For P-pop girl group KAIA, their fans are called “ZAIA.” Pronounced as “za-yuh,” the fandom name means “light.” “KAIA stans are the light and guidance to KAIA’s world,” they explained. 

“ZAIA” also means “fate,” which the group explained was the first name of their fandom before KAIA came to be. 

Know any other fandom names for Filipino artists? Share the explanation behind these names on our social media accounts! – 

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