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Maharlika Wealth fund capital may reduce with swap to BSP | The wRap

Nina Liu
Maharlika Wealth fund capital may reduce with swap to BSP | The wRap
The wRap highlights: Maharlika Wealth fund, Leni Robredo, and Celine Dion

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The proposed P275 billion seed capital of the Maharlika Wealth Fund is expected to decrease by more than half, as the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas may not be able to fill the void left by the removal of funds from the Social Security System and Government Social Insurance System.

Seven months after the May 9 elections, former vice president Leni Robredo says she did not file an electoral protest because her legal team and group of IT experts did not find evidence of cheating.

Qatar launches a work safety investigation into the death of a worker after reports that a Filipino man died at a training site during the FIFA World Cup.

The US House of Representatives gives its final congressional approval to legislation that provides federal recognition of same-sex marriages.

South Korean singer Jinni leaves K-pop girl group NMIXX and terminates her contract with the group’s agency, JYP Entertainment.

Prince Harry says the British royal family dismissed what he calls ‘racist’ press hounding of his wife Meghan as a rite of passage.

Celine Dion reveals she is suffering from an extremely rare neurological disorder affecting her movement and the use of her vocal cords. —

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Nina Liu

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